Abdominal Exercises For Men

Abdominal Exercises For Men

Straight leg barbell situp. Lie on the floor holding an empty or lightly loaded bar over your chest as in the top of a bench press. Your legs should be extended on the floor in front of you.  Men are forever looking for exercises to get rid of that beer belly and flatten the tummy.

There are three muscles groups inside the abdomen and these muscles in these groups are used to perform a variety of functions. Exercising all the muscles in the abdomen is important for getting a flat stomach. Doing exercises that make use of all the muscle groups will help achieve not only flat tummy but also muscle strength and tone.Men in general have better upper body strength than women and can therefore perform a wider range of exercises to get a flat abdomen. The ab exercises for men also work on the chest and the arms area. Exercising the upper body completely helps in faster burning of calories which leads to greater fat loss.

In a human body the abdomen has three muscle groups; the rectus abdominis or the front abs, the internal obliques or the side abs and the external obliques also referred to as the side abs. In this article we will learn to do exercises that will target all the three muscle groups to allow better burning of fat from the upper body of men.

Reverse Crunches

The revesrse crunches is mainly done to exercise the internal obliques or the side abs. to do the exercise lie down flat on your back and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees.

Now tightly squeeze the muscles of your abdomen and raise your hips a few inches from the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then come back to the start position.

Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch is mainly aimed at the rectus abdominis also known as the front abs. To perform the exercise lie down flat on your back. Place your hands behind the head and raise your legs. Now start doing the cycling motion with your legs but with a twist.

Try and touch the left knee to the right elbow and your left elbow with the right knee. To do this exercise correctly you will have to raise your upper body a few inches from the ground.

Captain’s Chair

Captain’s chair targets the external obliques. For this exercise you will have to support your body on your arms. Lie down on a flat surface and put your arms in the air as though you are resting them on armrests of a chair.

Now bend your knees and raise your upper body from the floor in order to tough the knees to the chest. Hold the position for a few seconds and then come back to the start position.

Pelvic Tilt

The pelvic tilt is done to exercise the lower abdominal area. lie down flat on your back. Get into a crunch position but instead of raising your shoulders lift your hips a few inches from the ground. Suck in your belly button as you perform this twist of the classic crunch.

Stay in this position or about 30 seconds or as long as you can. Once you master this position raise the level of difficulty by lifting your legs off the ground to make a right angle. Now raise your hips a few inches from the floor with your knees also in the air.

Abdominal Exercises using Ball

Stability balls are very helpful in strengthening the abdomen because performing these exercises requires use of the abdominal muscles. There are a variety of abdominal crunches that can be performed using the stability ball; ball bicycle crunches, ball roll backs, ball side crunches, ball crunches, ball reverse crunches and many more. All the exercises mentioned give an excellent abdominal workout.

Another exercise sing the stability balls is the ball jackknife. This is a very good exercise for men because it engages the muscles of the abdomen as well as the muscles in the chest, arms and legs. To do the exercise come into a plank position. your toes should be at the top of the stability ball. Place your hands underneath your chest as if in a push-up position.

This is the plank position where your face will be facing the floor below you and your back will be straight like a ram rod. First get used to being in the plank position and then begin your exercise. Slowly raise your hips in the air and let the ball roll forward towards your head.

Abdominal exercises using Weights

Many a times the weight of the body isn’t enough to support the strengthening of the abdominal muscles. For men to build muscles, they require more weights unlike women. Doing a few abdominal exercises by introducing weights will help build and tone muscles.

For example, while doing crunches simply place a weighted plate on your chest or hold it in your hands behind your head. You could even hold weights in your hands while doing crunches. Instead of placing the hands behind the head raise your arms in the air with your hands holding the weights.

Static Crunches

Static crunch is nothing but a simple variation of the classic crunch that we are all familiar with. Begin by brining your body into the classic crunch position; lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Keep your feet shoulder length apart.

Place your hands below your head by bending your arms. Now slowly lift your shoulders a few inches from the floor and halfway from the knees. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds or till you begin to hurt from inside. Now instead of going back to the start position lift your upper body even higher and again hold for 30 seconds.

Now come back to the start position slowly. The static crunches are performed to focus mainly on the muscles of upper abdomen. When you first perform this exercise your abdominal muscles will hurt for days. But don’t give up. Perform the exercise every alternate day to avoid injuring the ab muscles.