Benefits of Vitamin B5 And Uses For Health, Skin, And Hair

What Does Vitamin B5 Do To Your Hair? What Does Vitamin B5 Do For Your Body? What Is The Use Of Pro Vitamin B5? We are listing here about best benefits of vitamin B5 and effective uses for health, hair and skin. In the wake of increasing importance of overall personality of an individual, the significance of healthy hair cannot be overlooked. Ironically, due to the increased pollution and faulty lifestyle, the entire hair care regime tends to become although more challenging and that is where the role of vitamins comes into the picture. Apparently, whether one believes or no, vitamin deficiency is considered to be one among the major hair loss causes. Since, vitamin is a natural source, intake of recommended vitamins prove to be an excellent hair loss remedy as it solves the root cause rather than dealing with a problem in a superficial manner.

Earlier, it was believed that in comparison to the women, men are more vulnerable to the hair loss. However, in the contemporary era, where women too tend to spend majority of their time in diverse kinds of outdoor activities, are vulnerable to variety of hair loss types. Moreover, a fact cannot be denied that with the growing population of women professionals, they too experience frequent exposure to the pollution and stress and cannot help but to succumb to variety of hair losses. The same can be verified through a fact that market is currently buzzed with numerous hair-care ranges of products and hair-specialty clinics that claim to offer range of hair loss treatments. Especially hair specialty clinics have been witnessing mushroom growth off lately.

Individuals who suffer from some or the other hair loss type, easily fall prey to the fake promises related to instant hair growth tactics that further deteriorate the problem. They not only end up in losing their valuable money but also end up in affecting their health.

Best Benefits of Vitamin B5 For Hair, Skin and Health

1. Minimizes Hair Loss:

It is indeed true that curing hair loss requires practicing patience because every hair loss is different from other. There are various reasons that lead to the embarrassing situation of hair loss that include environmental reasons, hormonal reasons, genetic reasons, etc. At times, hair loss may simply be an outcome of a faulty lifestyle including wrong food habits like excessive consumption of junk food, liquor, cold drinks, etc. Where at one side, genetic and hormonal reasons are comprised of intrinsic factors, on the other side, environmental and flawed lifestyle are comprised of extrinsic factors.

However, be it any hair loss cause, it becomes imperative to ensure intake of required nutrients and among them, intake of relevant vitamin becomes utmost crucial. Vitamins like vitamin B5 are competent of minimizing hair loss due to being equipped with many beneficial properties.

Vitamin B5 is also known as Pantothenic Acid. This vitamin is known to prove to be an effective remedy for treating variety of hair loss types. Vitamin B5 offers support to the adrenal glands that leads to the stimulation of the hair growth.

2. Enhances Hair Suppleness:

According to a research that was published way back in 2011 in the British Journal related to the Dermatology, itwas being found out that a combination comprised of panthenol along with pantothenic acid analog is competent to thicken the hair fibers and is also capable of increasing the softness of hair.

In simple words, this combination proves to be effective in providing a required shield to the health of hair against all those causes that further increases the fragility of hair.

3. Boosts Hair Growth:

For those, who have been in quest for a long-lasting hair loss remedy, Vitamin B5 aka Panthenol does fit the bill. It is advisable to include the intake of one Tablet of Vitamin B5 on daily basis, after consulting with your physician and accessing the nod to go ahead with its usage.

In addition to ensuring regular intake of Vitamin B Capsule, if you are able to include food items that are rich natural source of Vitamin B5, like eggs, avocado, nuts, chicken, potatoes, beef, legumes, etc, it will further stimulate the hair growth by nullifying the possibilities related to the deficiency of required nutrients especially Vitamin B5. Thus, it is apparent that natural source of Vitamin B5 includes both, animals and plant sources.

4. Prevents Premature Hair Greying:

In context of commercial availability of Vitamin B5, it is available in the form of D-pantothenic acid, calcium pantothenate, dexpanthenol, etc. They are chemicals that are created in the lab out of the D-pantothenic acid. Interestingly, Pantothenic acid is used in a frequent manner in combination with other forms of vitamin B. Ingredient of Vitamin B complex normally comprises of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and folic acid. These all vitamin contain different chemical names.

If we talk about those products that are rich in Vitamin B5 which is blend of pantein, coenzyme, panthenol and pantothenic acid, they include whole grains, green leafy vegetable, soya, mushrooms, milk, cauliflower, beans, etc. Vitamin B5 also prevents premature hair graying in addition to imparting proper moisture to hair. Also, it does play crucial role in accelerating the creation of melanin and in regulating the proper functioning of sebum glands.

In addition to that, Panthenol is also being used in range of body and hand products like hair conditioners, skin cleansing products cosmetics, fragrance preparations, deodorant sprays, hair sprays, etc. Especially, in range of cosmetics like face powder, eye shadow, eye lotions, lipstick, foundation, etc. If you have already begun going gaga about this dynamic Vitamin, then resist doing that at this point of time as you will be surprised to know that the list related to its benefits does not end here.

5. Minimizes Infections:

It is also competent in minimizing chances that result in catching cold and various other infections. Skin disorders are quite common these days and Vitamin B5 proves its mettle once again in this situation as well. People apply dexpanthenol, which is made from pantothenic acid, to the skin in order to obtain relief from itching, promoting healing from mild eczemas and other skin disorders, curing insect bites, diaper rash, acnes, poison ivy, insect stings, etc.

6. Speedy Wound Healing:

If you are prone to frequent dizziness or pondering over an effective remedy in order to ensure speedy healing of wound, perhaps you need not look beyond Vitamin B5. When it comes to provide much required relief from the consequences of radiation therapy in the form of skin inflammation, reddishness, burning sensation, etc, topical application of Vitamin B5 proves to be ahead of the pack.

7. Creates Red Blood Cells And Slow Down Signs Of Ageing:

One can easily figure out that Vitamin B5, despite of being one of the eight vitamins of Vitamin B family, is utmost important for the proper functioning of human life in addition to adding volume and luster to the hair. It is required in order to the create red blood cells in the body that transports oxygen across the entire body, it facilitates in the process of converting the food into energy. Those, who have been constantly in quest of a non-harmful remedy related to the slowing down of ageing process, Vitamin B5 works like a charm.

8. Reduce Skin Dryness:

Apparently, when any product is loaded with water retention agent, it is bound to enhance elasticity and softness. Therefore, considering the same fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Pro-vitamin B5 is an outstanding protector and healer in the context of rough, dry and scaly skin. Moreover, beneficial impact of dexpanthenol has been witnessed in those patients who have gone under scar treatment or skin transplantation related to the burn injuries.

9. Excellent Dietary Supplement For Animals:

Nevertheless, in the context of oral intake of Vitamin B5, it is advisable to consult a good doctor. It has been observed that when it is consumed in a larger quantity, it may lead to the side effects like diarrhea, etc. A derivative of Pantothenic acid named as Dexpanthenol is also considered to be safe when it is applied over skin in the form of a nasal spray or injection. d-Pantothenyl alcohol is used in dietary supplement or as a nutrient in feeds and drugs meant for animals and various related products and is recognized as a safe ingredient provided being used according to credible manufacturing and feeding practices.

However, A conservative approach related to the intake of Vitamin B5 insists that an individual despite of being well-equipped related to the knowledge of its properties and application, should consult a knowledgeable general practitioner. There are certain conditions like pregnancy and breast feeding wherein, it becomes utmost crucial for a user to consult a good physician. Moreover, there is available limited data stressing on the requirement of intake of pantothenic acid during pregnancy. Nevertheless, so far there are no reports indicating the adverse impact of Pantothenic acid in the context of either animals or humans. Thus consumption of Pantothenic acid can be generally considered to be safe yet a word of caution insists avoiding overdose of the same.

10. Treats Normal Hair Loss:

You can treat the hair loss through both the popular ways i.e. through intake of Vitamin B5 or through opting for shampoos and conditioner that contain Vitamin B5. Generally, in order to manage hair loss, men and women may choose from variety of cosmetic aid options that include hairstyling that imparts an illusion of fullness and bounce, camouflaging products, hair replacement techniques, hair accessories, etc. On a serious note surgical treatments like hair transplantation and scalp reduction may be considered out of which former is popular and widely opted than its later counterpart.

11. Increases Hair Count:

For men, dealing with hair loss is certainly stressful but for women, it becomes although more stressful as hair are considered to be their natural ornament. Healthy hairs are directly attributed to a prevailing sense of well-being in women. It has normally been perceived that hair loss trigger stress and stress triggers hair loss, so once a hair loss is triggered it gives birth to a perpetual vicious circle that goes on to add newer and newer challenges related to the self-esteem. Therefore, there is only one way to keep the entire vicious circle at bay and that is timely precaution and treatment related to the hair care. There are three phases related to the hair growth process that include Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Precisely, average count of hair in terms of percentage is around 80% hair on the scalp in the case of anagen phase i.e. (growing hair phase). Average hair count in terms of percentage in the catagen phase i.e (involution of hair follicle) remains around 1%. Remaining hair count in terms of percentage belongs to the phase of telogen i.e (resting period). To conclude, average hair count related to the diverse phases differs from woman to woman as it depends on varied elements including psychological conditions, especially during the phase of menopause. According to a general perception, hair loss on every day basis should not surpass beyond hair loss count of 70-100 hair. The moment, you begin to realize that you are shedding more hair than this; you need to adopt a serious attitude towards your hair care regime.

12. Beneficial For Hair Loss During Perimenopause Phase:

Apparently, hair loss condition becomes more challenging even prior to embarking on the phase of menopause. During perimenopause phase, density of estrogen in the blood lowers down. On the contrary, androgen concentration witnesses rise in its level and that leads to the condition of androgenic hair loss type. In this situation, thinning of hair begins to take place in forehead portion and central portion of the scalp.

Also, during the perimenopause phase, DHT hormone tends to weaken the follicles of hair, leading to the hair loss. Stress is yet another factor that causes major changes in the hormone in women during perimenopause and menopause phase, ultimately triggering hair loss. That is where yet again, the role of pantothenic acid i.e. Vitamin B5 comes in the picture. However, this dynamic vitamin can only prevents premature hair graying but no evidence does exist in validating the fact that using shampoo featuring pantothenic acid or taking it in the form of supplement can play any role in the restoration of the color of the hair.

13. Enhances Hair Texture:

There is one difference that prospective users of Vitamin B5 in context of treating hair loss, requires understanding is that making hair grow back is one thing and reducing hair thinning is altogether a different ball game. Vitamin B5 is mainly known to put a stop to the process of hair thinning but it does not play any role in the context of helping hair to grow back. It mainly enhances the texture of hair that has been severely damaged by numerous variety of contemporary hair styling treatments, products or chemicals. Considering a fact that range of styling treatments are in vogue these days that include hair straightening, hair coloring, hair extension, etc, it becomes quite imperative to ensure additional care towards the health of the hair for the users who opt for such styling treatments and techniques.

As the range of hair-care related products is increasing by leaps and bounds with the passage of time, Vitamin B5 importance too has witnessed an upwards swing. It has become one of the common ingredients that are being used across exhaustive range of skin care and hair care products. Pantothenic acid does possess an ability to impart shine, strength and flexibility to the hair in order to prevent hair greying and hair loss. (13)

No wonder why it becomes a popular ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, etc, owing to its ability to facilitate functioning of sebum glands in addition to accelerating melanin creation.

14. Natural Hydrator:

Pro-vitamin B5 comes across as an excellent source of natural hydrator as it is equipped with a property to retain water due to featuring water-binding substance. No wonder why it finds its way across range of personal care products. A million dollar question for you here is that how would you identify whether it is present in a personal care product used by you or no. Well, all you need to look for the variety of names from which it is known like dexpanthenol, dl-panthenol and d-panthenol. If you can read such kind of names in the ingredient list of the product that means you have all the reason to be glad as the product contains Pro-vitamin B5.

15. Offers Relief In Variety Of Skin Disorders:

Pantothenic acid is also used orally for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, nerve pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), enlarged prostate, protection against mental and physical stress and anxiety, reducing adverse effects of thyroid therapy in congenital hypothyroidism, reducing signs of aging, reducing susceptibility to colds and other infections, retarded growth, shingles, skin disorders, stimulating adrenal glands, chronic fatigue syndrome, salicylate toxicity, streptomycin neurotoxicity, dizziness, and wound healing.

When it comes to offer relief from pain, redness and itchiness, Pro-vitamin B5 comes across as an ideal solution. Application of the vitamin at the wounds leads to the regeneration of the tissues that are more elastic and solid. Pro-vitamin B5 is equipped with a capability of enhancing the shielding properties of skin against skin irritation along with decreasing inflammation.

16. Excellent Skin Healer:

Due to being loaded with skin healing properties, Pro-Vitamin B5 proves to be utmost effective in providing relief in the context of numerous skin related concerns including acne, minor cuts, insect bites, bed sores, diaper rash, eczema, etc. However, the major prerequisite that is required in order to avail its benefit is that appropriate penetration of this vitamin should take place within the skin. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that in which form, you have been using it whether gel or ointment, you need to massage it in a proper manner to make sure that its appropriate absorption has taken place.

If you belong to a clan of people who tend to possess sensitive skin, you need not bother about its application. Topical use of this vitamin holds a low risk related to the adverse reactions like skin inflammation. Moreover, it also protects the skin against sunburn and also does enhance the natural process related to the tanning.

17. Improves Hair Follicles:

There is no denial to the fact that Vitamin B is considered to be one of the most-sought after hair loss remedial measures. This vitamin is known to facilitate body in producing melanin that is responsible for stimulating blood circulation in hair and maintain the healthiness of the color of the hair. Especially, Vitamin B5 takes the lead when it comes to promoting hair stamina as it is competent of playing a crucial role in the division of cell that takes place within hair follicles. In simple words, it nourishes the hair follicles.

18. Moisture-Perseverance And Protection:

When pro-vitamin comes in touch with the skin, it gets converted into Vitamin B5. The same is crucial for skin in order to function in an optimum manner. This vitamin leads to the skin healing, skin protection and moisturizes skin.

19. Enhances Skin Suppleness And Softness:

This vitamin helps skin to enhance the elasticity by stabilizing the skin barrier that restricts the amount of water to be lost by the skin. Owing to its hygroscopic properties, it is found in an extensive range of skin care moisturizing products. Interestingly, this vitamin is also integrated into variety of sun formulations and baby care products due to containing anti-inflammatory properties.

20. Alleviate Itching And Reduces Skin Redness:

When it comes to offer the relief from itching, pro-vitamin B5 proffers surprisingly great results. Adjuvant skin care offered by this vitamin has worked well towards the varied symptoms related to the skin conditions such as  poison ivy, insect bites, eczema, diaper rash, etc.

Moreover, its topical administration is well tolerated, with minimum amount of risk towards skin sensitization and irritancy. It also provides relief in the context of burning feet syndrome. It has been effective not only in reducing skin aging signs but has also been effective in reducing redness and hyperpigmentation.

21. Works As A brilliant Anti-Ageing Agent:

Pro-vitamin B5 is equipped with brilliant anti-ageing characteristics. It works like a charm when it comes to reducing the wrinkles and fine lines due to stimulating the fibroblast cells proliferation. During a pilot study conducted on elderly women featuring ageing skin, panthenol demonstrated considerable improvement over the treated skin areas. Other ingredients that were being used in the combination with panthenol included Vitamin A oil-in water emulsion, Vitamin E and Urea.

22. Enhance Quality Of Skin And The Skin Glow:

Interestingly, panthenol is much well-absorbed in compare to pantothenic acid and after its application on the skin, it quickly gets transformed into Vitamin B5. Pro-vitamin is also loaded with excellent exfoliating properties, it battles with free radicals. Moreover, it promotes cell regeneration. Thus, it is no wonder that it is found in night serum and range of skin-care products. To sum up, it is a one-stop solution for keeping skin hydrated, moisturized, soft and elastic that ultimately results in enhancement of the skin glow.

23. Add Shine To The Hair:

Panthenol is an alcohol version of Vitamin B5. It is used as a major ingredient in quality-oriented Detangling Spray, Conditioner, Shampoo, etc since it is competent of adding luster to the hair. From binding the follicles to sealing the moisture in them, it is simply adored for preventing dry scalp and dry hair. The much required moisture becomes the main element that adds luster to the hair. (24)

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