Benefits And Useful Tips Of Talcum Powder

Benefits And Useful Tips Of Talcum Powder

You will be surprised to know that talcum powder is the most sold cosmetic product in summers in India and during summers this cosmetic becomes a necessity in each and every house.

Cosmetic segment mostly consists of the colour cosmetics like face eye, lip and nail colour products, perfumes, deodorants and talcum powder and in the cosmetic market there are numerous varieties available for all these cosmetics.
In India talcum powder is very famous and has widespread reach.

This is the only cosmetic product which has a big market of around 3.5 crores in the cosmetic market and increases by around 12 % every year. If you check out the people using cosmetics in India then out of total 80 % people use just talcum powder as the only cosmetic product. They do not go for particular brands they just buy talcum powders according to the smell.

Manufacturing process of Talcum powder

Talcum powder is made from a mineral called “Talc” which is prepar4ed from Hydrate magnesium silicate. In plain and simple language the finely powdered form of this talc mineral is called talcum powder. While preparing talcum powder different types of zinc citrate, magnesium and silicates are mixed in i9t. The par6tcile size of the powder is so small that even a light blow of air can spread them around. Generally the colour of this mineral is either white or grey and it does not dissolve in water.

Benefits of Talcum Powder

The main benefit of talcum powder is that it absorbs sweat and moisture from our body. During summers we sweat a lot so the use of talcum powders increases during summers. Not only kids but in elders too rashes can be kept away with the help of talcum powder. If you have smelly feet then after washing your feet you should spray surgical spirit or talcum powder regularly, this is suggested by doctors too. Now put two pieces of potassium permanganate in warm water and dip your feet in that water for 10-15 minutes this will take away all the bad smell form your feet and clean them too.

Humid atmosphere in summers is the worst as we sweaty a lot due to humidity in the weather and sweat produces bad body odour too. In such case talcum powder can be use to remove body odour from your body. You can also use deodorants but the absorption capacity of talcum powder is more so it will absorb sweat easily.

If the temperature raises our body sweats more and thus the accumulation of sweat produces body odour in our body, then we can use talcum powder to stay away from this smell and remain fresh.

After taking a bath if you will use talcum powder then the body will remain fresh and energetic for long and the talcum powder will absorb sweat too. Try not to use starch containing talcum powder because the starch will get dissolved with sweat and stick to your body.

Some important facts about talcum powder

Talc mineral is the softest mineral found on the earth. That is why it is used in talcum powder so that the particles of powder do not prick us. Mostly the colour of this talc mineral is white but it is also found in various colours like green, pink, yellow, grey and black too. Talc mineral has been used in baby powders and in various cosmetics for many years.

Useful tips of talcum powder

Talcum powder is not just a cosmetic product but it is useful in many more ways too so let us check out how it is helpful in other ways too. If oil or tea gets spilled on anything be it bed sheet or table cloth, just sprinkle some talcum powder on the area where it has spilled and then wash that place after ten minutes there will be no spots of tea or oil left , they will be completely gone.

If you want to give a perfect clean and shiny look to the mirror and glasses in your house like the glass top table or dining table with glass top then talcum powder is the best to do so. First sprinkle some talcum powder on the glass or mirror surface and then wash it with water and then after washing wipe it with clean cloth you will get dazzling glasses and mirrors in your house.

If a book or some important paper gets wet with water then sprinkle talcum powder on each and every page of the book or the sheets and then spread the powder evenly with the help of cloth. Now keep that book below heavy weight for around a week. After a week take that book out and then remove the talcum powder from the pages and you will find all the pages of the book back in the same form.

If you wear gloves while driving a two wheeler or during horse riding then before wearing the gloves sprinkle some talcum powder on your palms and then wear them. This will keep your hands dry and fresh and there will be no sweating too from your palms.

If ants are troubling you a lot then you can sprinkle some talcum powder in the area where they are creating a mess for you and just see how all of them run away because of the talcum powder.

There are special prickly heat talcum powders in the market which are very effective on rashes and prickly heat during summers. These talcum powders give a nice cooling effect to your skin save you from rashes and prickly heat too. If you are annoyed because of smelly feet then sprinkling some talcum powder before wearing socks and some in your shoes too will also help a lot in curing this problem and after taking off your shoes wash your feet nicely and again after drying your feet sprinkle some talcum powder.

Thus you can see that talcum powder is not just a cosmetic product but it also helps in keeping us healthy by absorbing sweat and helps us in many more ways too.


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