Becoming a Marine Biologist

Becoming a Marine Biologist

Marine Biology is the study of ocean plants and animals and their ecological relationships. It is a competitive field, pursuing a career in marine biology is more of a passion to be absorbed in the marine environment.

It fascinates the adventurous to seek a career in the deep waters.
It is a challenging field and continually changing with advances in biology. Genetic research plays an important role in analyzing the species.

Marine Science is a vast field encompassing marine biology, geology, coastal science, zoology and oceanography.
Universities and colleges offer a wide gamut of degrees in marine biology from an associate degree to a doctorate.

To be a marine biologist one should have science background with good academic record. After successful completion of the course, one can start up the career of a marine biologist with internship. There are several sub-fields within marinebiology, opening the doors for good opportunities.

The work of a marine biologist involves researching the sea, to study its life form and their interaction with land, atmosphere and ocean floor. It also involves studying the origins, behavior, genetics, life processes and diseases of the animals and wildlife of the marine environment.

Rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals, conserving the various species of plants and animals in the ocean and working on ocean currents and its impact on life forms, analyzing the effects of global climate change on coastal ecosystems are also part of the job.

A marine biologist can serve in diverse areas ranging from teaching or doing research work in laboratories or field based assignments to creating awareness programs to educate people in safeguarding marine life.

Marine Biologists are employed by institutions and organizations such as Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Fisheries Research Institute, Commercial Fishing Companies,  Oceanographic Research Institute, National Park Boards, Wildlife Conservation Organizations, Government And University Research Laboratories. They can also start their own businesses as consultants.

The remuneration of marine biologist varies on location, industry and many other factors for instance California and Newyork currently offer higher marine biologist salary than many other states.The salary ranges from $36,330 -$ 65,714.

Marine biology offers an opportunity to study fascinating marine life and travel internationally.By a becoming a Marine Biologist you can do lots to save and preserve the ocean creatures and plants.

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