Amazing Health Benefits Of Glycerine

Amazing Health Benefits Of Glycerine

Glycerine is a thick and transparent liquid generally produced from vegetable oil and animal fat. Glycerine is sweet in taste and is easily available in the market. It is used as an ingredient in various cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Glycerine can also be mixed with shaving cream. Application of this mixture helps in producing a soothing effect. Because of this effect, nowadays many shaving creams have glycerine as one of the main components.

Uses of Glycerinee

Acne treatment

Take one tablespoon of gly’in, 1/2 tablespoon of Borax powder and camphor in a bowl. Mix well with a cup of distilled water. Apply on face and wash it off with lukewarm water. After sometime, wash again your face with cold water.

Repairs Dry and Damaged Hair

Glycerine helps in repairing dry and damaged hair. To derive maximum benefits, you need to mix glycerine with aloe vera gel and apply the mix on your hair. Glycerine helps in making the hair soft and silky. It works like a conditioner as it moisturizes hair in a natural way. You can also prepare a hair conditioner at home by mixing glycerine with honey and olive oil. Hair shampoos having glycerine as one of the components can be used daily by an individual in order to improve hair texture.a

Skin Care

Glycerine acts as a skin protector and helps in protecting the skin from various bacterial infections. Glycerine is generally found in various skin products (such as soaps, moisturizers, lotions, creams, cleansers, etc.) available in the market. Such products can be used on a regular basis to improve the quality of the skin.

Glycerine is quite useful for individuals having oily skin. Use of glycerine has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Glycerine helps in reducing wrinkles and acne on the skin. Acne can be effectively cured by using Glycerine soap on daily basis.

Cures Dry and Cracked Feet

Glycerine can be used to cure dry and cracked feet. In order to obtain best results, you need to apply a mix of glycerine and rose water on your feet. This mixture helps in removing the cracks and dead skin of the feet. It is important to note that glycerine is one of the most important components of foot creams available in the market.


Oily skin can make you look dull and it is susceptible to a number of other conditions like acne, irritation and redness. Hence, you can use glycerin on a regular basis to prevent these problems associated with oiliness. This also helps in smoothing your skin by filling in the microscopic pores.

Cures Dry, Dark and Chapped Lips

Application of glycerine on dry lips can help in reducing the level of dryness. At the same time it may help in increasing the softness of lips. Application of glycerine mixed with lemon juice or honey at night may turn out to be an effective remedy for dry and chapped lips.

It is important to note that glycerine can be used on a daily basis to make the lips shiny. This can be done by applying a mix of glycerine and almond oil (half spoon). Glycerine may also be used to treat the problem of dark lips.

Treatment for Mouth Ulcers

Glycerine can be used to cure mouth ulcers. In order to treatmouth ulcers, you just need to apply glycerine on affected area. Therefore, glycerine may be considered as an alternative to mouth ulcer gels available in the market.

Removes Dead Skin

Glycerin has the ability to remove dead skin from your lips. When you use it every night, dead skin gets removed and new skin is revealed. When you get rid of dead skin, you make sure that new skin growth is stimulated, making your lips look great.