Amazing Benefits Of Catuaba Bark

Amazing Benefits Of Catuaba Bark

The Amazon forest is home to countless medicinal herbs and plants and is the home of the relatively small but fast growing Catuaba tree known mainly for its aphrodisiac abilities. The tree itself produces yellow flowers and an inedible fruit but it is the bark which is harvested for its medicinal properties and made into supplements

The name catuaba refers to a number of trees which are native to Brazil. The bark of these trees can be used to treat several health conditions. In days gone by, people would take the bark of these trees and boil it in some water.

This tea would be strained before consumption. Catuaba bark tea would then be consumed at regular intervals of time throughout the day in order to get relief. But now it is possible to avail of the benefits of this bark even without having to brew it like a tea.

The extracts of catuaba bark are now available in the form of supplements which can be purchased from medical stores all around the world.

The most common use of this bark is in the treatment of insomnia. Apart from this condition, there are several other ailments which can be prevented and treated with the help of this ancient Brazilian remedy.

Uses And Benefits Of Catuaba Bark


As well as being used historically for sexual purposes, Brazilians have long been using the catuaba root extract to treat a range of conditions related to the nervous system. I am unable to find any concrete proof of its efficacy but these days it is often recommended by herbalists to treat neuralgia, sciatica and other nervous system complaints.

Powerful Anti-bacterial Agent

It has been discovered that catuaba bark extracts are very effective in preventing and treating bacterial infections of various kinds. Very severe bacterial infections have also been successfully treated by consuming these supplements on a regular basis.

This remedy is exceptional useful in cases where the immunity of the person has already been negatively affected due to certain conditions such as HIVHuman Immuno-deficiency Virus). Such people are very prone to contracting infections as their bodies are unable to destroy harmful pathogens.

Effective in combating viruses

Apart from being a natural anti-bacterial agent, catuaba bark is also very beneficial when used to counter infections caused by viruses. The main action of this remedy is on the immune system of the body.

It strengthens the immune system and this causes the destruction of any viruses that might try to invade the human body. These viruses are promptly destroyed and the person is able to lead a healthy life. If you are prone to contracting infections of any kind, you might want to consider using catuaba bark supplements on a regular basis.
Side Effects Of Catuaba Bark For Health

Treating the symptoms of depression

Depression is a very common condition which affects people of various age groups. Catuaba bark supplements can be used by people who are suffering from depression Alternatively, you can also make use of catuaba bark in the form of a tea.

Sipping this tea before going to bed every night is extremely effective as it helps you to relax. People who suffer from depression are not able to sleep well at night. They are also unable to focus on various activities which are enjoyed by other people. Catuaba bark helps such people by calming their nerves and enabling them to be stable in their moods.

Boosting the Memory of The Person

Catuaba bark works on the central nervous system of the body. It nourishes and strengthens it, thus enabling the person to stay alert and active. This is particularly effective in cases where a person complains of suffering from bouts of memory loss.

In such cases, people are advised to consume catuaba bark on a regular basis in order to nourish the cells of the brain.