Amazing Beauty Tips With Turmeric

urmeric, the widely used spice in Asian cuisine is well known for a number of health benefits. When we try out a number of beauty treatments investing a huge amount in artificial beauty treatments

Turmeric, the widely used spice in Asian cuisine is well known for a number of health benefits. When we try out a number of beauty treatments investing a huge amount in artificial beauty treatments, we do not care to use the commonly available ingredients that also have many beauty enhancing properties. Turmeric is surely one of them. Curcumin, the potent compound present in turmeric imparts amazing health benefits to this spice.

Moreover, turmeric has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals effectively leaving our skin glowing. We need to know about its proper application and try those regularly to maintain the glowing beauty. Often beauty treatments with turmeric leave a yellowish tan on the skin but, that is not to be taken seriously. You can apply these treatments after you are indoors or before bedtime.

Aside from helping to alleviate health issues, Turmeric has also been utilized in many beauty products over the centuries. Its anti-inflammatory powers are used to reduce the signs of aging, exfoliate dead skin, clear the skin and ease eczema.

 Amazing Beauty Tips With Turmeric

Lighten Pigmentation

If you have pigmentation and discoloration then using turmeric will surely help. Turmeric is said to lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone. This is the reason why many natural skin care brands use haldi as an active ingredient.

Heal Cracked Heels

Make a mixture of castor/coconut oil and add a bit of turmeric powder. Apply this on your cracked heels and areas where your skin has become excessively dry. Not only does this heal the cracked heels faster, but it also helps to make the heels softer.

Lightening Skin Color

Want to have a fair skin? Turmeric will help you in that too especially if you have developed unwanted tans. Make a paste with turmeric powder and lime juice and apply over your face and other exposed parts of the body.

You can use cucumber juice instead of lime juice. Allow the paste to dry and then wash it with cool water. Apply this treatment for a week. Turmeric in combination with lime juice acts as an excellent bleach helping in lightening skin color.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you can make a face mask by combining 1 egg white, 2 drops of olive oil, fresh lemon juice and rose water and a pinch of turmeric. This can be applied to all dry areas such as the face, neck, elbows and knees. Allow it to dry completely and then wash off with warm water.

Reducing Wrinkling Of Skin

The antioxidant property of turmeric also checks skin aging reducing the undesired wrinkles. You can try a pack with turmeric powder and honey. Turmeric exfoliates your skin, and honey maintains the skin elasticity.

A mixture of turmeric powder, buttermilk and sugarcane juice is also beneficial. If you cannot get sugarcane juice, buttermilk and turmeric powder combination will also do the magic.

Removes Dead Cells

Make a paste by mixing gram flour and turmeric with water and apply it on your body. Scrub gently while taking a bath. Doing this regularly can rid you of dead cells to give you a glowing and spotless skin. Applying a mixture of turmeric and milk on your face and lips can cleanse your face as well as act as a healing agent on your lips to treat dry and chapped lips.

 Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be so painful at times. Moreover, it often leads to embarrassing situations when your fine dressing sense gets marred by cracked heels. You will have to try this treatment before having bath. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and coconut oil (or castor oil) generously over cracked heels and leave it for 20 minutes.

Turmeric reduces the pain and inflammation, and coconut oil softens the skin preventing it from further cracks. Try this treatment daily to get rid of this problem soon.

Drink Milk With Turmeric Powder

You can drink milk with turmeric powder to strengthen your bones and minimize the chances of osteoporosis. Drinking milk with  raw turmeric paste  is  very effective   for purifying your  blood  that   gives you clearer and radiant skin.

Removing Stretch Marks:

Needless to say, stretch marks are real beauty spoilers especially when you are longing for a bikini fit body. Curcumin present in turmeric enhances the functions of cell membranes helping in maintaining the normal texture of the skin. You can apply a paste of raw turmeric root and water on the stretch marks.

Similarly, a paste of turmeric powder and yoghurt if applied on stretch marks can be very effective. This treatment is quite useful in reducing pregnancy-related stretch marks. You can also apply a mixture of turmeric powder and coconut oil to get rid of stretch marks.

Night Cream

You can apply a paste made from turmeric and milk or yoghurt on your face. Leave the mask overnight and rinse it off the next morning using a light cleanser. Alternatively, you can add a pinch of turmeric to your moisturizer and cleanse the next morning. This should be done twice a week to get beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin.