Home Remedies Stomach Pain For During Pregnancy

Home Remedies Stomach Pain For During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hugely complex. One can find no single pattern of issues that can define pregnancy! The conditions vary from one woman to another, and, if truth be said, an uncomplicated delivery is actually rare. Expectant mothers go through all kinds of drastic body changes and it is quite natural to develop complications en route through the trimesters.
The issues vary widely and are sometimes very opposite! So, some women may experience constipation while other folks may have to put up with stomach upsets! In fact, digestive problems are actually the commonest of pregnancy issues and they can continue throughout the term (or subside in some days).

Home Remedies For Stomach Pain


Bananas can be your savior if you are having upset stomach and you are pregnant. Mix a bowl full of ripe banana and add a little tamarind to it. During pregnancy, you may frequently face problem related to stomach so you can just consume this mixture, as and when you feel uneasy. Ensure that you exhaust this mixture in a day or two so that you don’t end up consuming something unhealthy.

Mint And Honey

Mint and honey can really save you from your upset stomach at the earliest. Take few mints, add few drops of honey and mince it well. Once you consume this, you will be able to feel relaxed immediately. A sense of cooling will help you to get rid of the restlessness. Mint will help you to get rid of bacterial infections in the tummy and hence, you and your baby can be healthy.

Pick the Right Drinks

Peppermint and ginger teas are known to settle the stomach. “Though it’s not clear why it works, hot chocolate is another option.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds can help you to get rid of upset stomach, during pregnancy. If upset stomach is a common problem for you then you can chew some cumin seeds, after lunch and dinner. You can boil some water and cumin seeds; store this solution in the bottle. You can consume this solution as and when required. This solution can act fast than that of cumin seeds.

Green Tea

Green tea can help you to get rid of the bacterial infection in the stomach. During pregnancy, it is better that you consume green tea over your regular tea. If you think that making green tea is a hectic process then you can have green tea bags and enjoy it. Too much of consumption of green tea is also not good and hence, stick to one cup of green tea, everyday.

Water And Juices

During pregnancy, ensure that you consume a lot of water and fruit juices at all point of time. Due to upset stomach and diarrhea, you will lose the water content in your body. If you are hydrated, you will have the energy in your body to carry on with your regular task. You can consume lemon juice and watermelon juice so that the water level in your body will be increased

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is very good for your health during pregnancy as it can help you to boost yours as well as your baby’s immunity. You can make a juice of carrot and add few mint leaves to it. This will relax your tummy and hence, you can get rid of upset stomach. You can also consume carrot and mint juice so that you can avoid stomach related problems.

Rice Tea

Rice tea can also help you to get rid of upset stomach, during pregnancy. Boil one cup of rice in nine glasses of water. Let this boil till the water reaches half its real level. Strain the water separately and add honey to it. Consume this twice a day to get rid of upset stomach.

Avoid problematic foods

Certain food groups can make diarrhea worse. Steer clear of high-fat, fried foods, spicy foods, milk and dairy, and high-fiber foods.