9 Easy Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring

Snoring is a condition in which a person makes loud and hoarse noises while sleeping. People are scared to share bed with someone who snores too loud. It also affects the other person’s sleep, who is sharing your bed with you.

Snoring is the result of breathing through the mouth while sleeping. When air passes through the throat, it gets obstructed by the throat muscles, soft palate and uvula, hence creating the odd sound of snoring. Men have narrower air passage in throat than women, and hence men tend to snore more than women.

But snoring is not a matter a joke for many people. Loud and awkward snoring may affect your personal life, and it may also lead to health hazards like heart attack and stroke. So if you want to stop you snoring and get a sound sleep, then here are some remedies that you can try easily at home.

Before knowing how to treat your snoring problem, you should first identify what the possible root causes of your problem could be-

1.    Flat Sleeping Posture

While sleeping flat on your back, the muscles of the throat (soft palate and uvula) obstruct the air passage, thus creating the snoring sound. In order to avoid this, ask your sleeping partner to notice for some days that whether you snore while you sleep flat on your back or not.

2.    Nose blockage

If your nose gets blocked due to accumulation of mucus, it creates an obstacle while breathing through nose. In order to supplement this, the mouth opens up and you start breathing through your mouth. This creates a vacuum in the throat, thereby creating the snoring sound.

3.    Overweight

According to doctors, being overweight is one of the most dangerous reasons behind snoring. When a person becomes overweight, he/she tends to accumulate more fatty tissues on all body parts, including the nasal cavity and throat.

More fatty tissues in the nasal cavity obstruct the passage of air. As the air tries to push it way through, it forces the fatty tissues, thereby creating a vibration, leading to production of snoring sound.

4.    Age

People generally start snoring at their middle age. In middle age, our throat becomes narrower, thereby creating a hurdle for the air. People start doing more work as they grow up; and they become more tired.

Tiredness is sign of oxygen deficiency in the body. When they sleep during the night, the body tries to accumulate and restore the oxygen deficiency and thereby our energy. In this process, when the person tries to breath, the narrow throat makes it difficult for free air passage, leading to snoring.

5.    Alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption makes us fatty. It also relaxes the muscles of the throat. Fat deposits and relaxed muscles of the throat make it very difficult for air to pass. And when the air forcibly tries to pass these obstacles, it creates the snoring sound.

6.    Smoking cigarette

Continuous smoking relaxes the muscles of the throat, and also inflames our sinuses. Relaxed muscles of the throat create an obstruction in the passage of air at the first place, and the inflamed sinuses accumulate more mucus into the air passage. This leads to snoring.

Now here are some of the remedies that you may easily try at home to get rid of snoring-

1.    Use snore pillow

If you snore while sleeping flat on your back, then you may use a snore pillow. These types of pillows are specially designed, which enables you to sleep on your side, thereby eliminating the problem of rolling back again onto your back.

2.    Use nasal strips

These can be easily found in any medical store. Nasal strips are strips of curved, flexible plastic with adhesives. The adhesive sticks to side of the nose, and pulls apart the nostrils. This makes a clear passageway for the air, into the nasal cavity.

3.    Use nasal decongestant spray

Consult your doctor before you try this. Nasal decongestant sprays clear the nasal passage and also soothes any possible sinus inflammation, thereby giving a free passage to air to stop snoring. And if you don’t want any medication, then you can also try to inhale steam, which should also clear the nasal passage.

4.    Exercise to stop snoring

a)    Voice exercise

This exercise strengthens the throat muscles, and thereby reduces snoring. Sing out loud LA-LA-LA-LA and hold for 2-3 minutes repeating it for 4-5 times. Then sing KA-KA-KA-KA and again repeat it for 4-5 times.

At last sing MA-MA-MA-MA by also repeating it. While doing it, give a little pressure on your neck and throat muscles, but do not strain them. Repeat the entire set for 2-3 times. Continue this exercise for 2 times a day in order to get rid from snoring.

5.    Avoid dairy products

If you are suffering too much because of snoring, then try to make some changes in your diet. It is scientifically proven, that if you take dairy products like milk, before going to bed, the milk will increase the production of mucous in the nasal cavity and throat. This creates problem in breathing and thus snoring.

6.    Avoid spicy food

Spicy and rich food if taken before going to bed may also trigger snoring. So generally try to stay away from these types of meals.

7.    Eat early

If you make it a habit to eat early, you can get rid of snoring. You should eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. This will not make your stomach heavy and will also not trigger acidity. This keeps the throat healthy and generally keeps snoring at stake.

8.    Reduce weight

If you gain extra pounds, and become overweight, you will suffocate while breathing. Your diaphragm will be pressed against the stomach.

Excess fat deposits in the throat also creates problem in breathing, and hence leads to snoring. So if want to get rid of snoring, and also make yourself slimmer, then make it a point to exercise regularly.

9.    Keep head elevated

If you’re suffering from serious snoring problems, then you may try to keep your head a little elevated. This may keep your snoring problem at rest.

But be very careful as to not keep your head too much elevated, because that may lead to neck cramps. So elevate as much as you are comfortable with.


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