9 Best Tips and Tricks Get Traffic from Tumblr

9 Best Tips and Tricks Get Traffic from Tumblr

Social media are the main traffic provider now days. You are already known about the facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. All are the popular in the 90% of people. Tumbler is also the very useful social media to generate the traffic for your website. You should publish the article on tumblr. It will help you to generate the traffic and increase the ranking as well. In this post we will discuss about 9 best tips and tricks to get traffic from tumblr.

1) Post in All Types of Tumblr Media

Tumblr has many medium to post that is photo, text, and links and video etc. I will suggest you that you should use all the medium of tumblr to promote your article. You should post your links, images etc which is related to your niche. One more popular way to attract the audience i.e. post some funny stuff and insert the link. So use this tips and generate the traffic.

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2) Post Memes

Memes is the thing that tumblr provides for all sorts of media. It is easy to create. You should create memes and post them and wait for response. Once you start getting response from memes then start creating more memes and post. This will surely help you to get traffic on your website.

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3) Add Many and Relevant Tags

Tags play important role to increase the traffic. You need to add many tags on Tumblr related to your post. Tags help to the user for searching the exact related article which he/she is searching. You can use the trick i.e. search the synonyms of keyword because every one thing different. SO if you have many synonyms of one keyword then it’s easier for the user to find your article. This is very useful to drive a lot of traffic on your post.

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4) Create a Good Profile

Good profile is the basic thing which is attracts the visitor. You can say that profile is the thing which represents you in front of online users. So you should create the excellent profile on social sites. Excellent profile helps you to drive more followers on your account and due to this your website traffic boost.

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5) You Should Active on your profile

How much you active on your social channel, they will revert more as a result. So make the habit to post daily on tumblr. In this way you can make the permanent visitor for your post. Don’t miss any day to post the link or any media on tumblr. Use this trick and generate the lot of traffic on your website.

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6) Keep Interacting with Other Users

This is also the important tricks to become popular and increase the website traffic. You should follow the other users, keep commenting on other user’s post, reply on their post. Apply this important tips and tricks to boost your site traffic.

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7) Reblog to Other’s Post

Reblogging is also the main key to drive traffic. For example if you like the post of anyone else, then you should reblog that post. Due to this you have submit new post for your users and at the same time the actual writer will also appreciate to reblog their post. So start doing this and generate the traffic on your website.

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8) Concentrate on Quality, not Quantity

Never compromise the quality of contents. If you think to post daily and you have not any good post on any day then it does not mean that you can post any spam post just for update. It’s better to don’t post irrelevant content. Always try to post good and quality article on tumblr that will help to boost your website traffic.

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9) Blog Related to Your Niche

Tumblr gives best result when you post related to one niche. If you have more niche then you should create the multiple profiles and post the separate niche article in separate profile. This is the main tips to generate the traffic on your website.

Guys you have gone through this important post where you read the 9 best tips and tricks to get traffic on your website. If you like it then please share to your friends so they can also find the tips to drive the website traffic.

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