8 Best Cholesterol Lowering Diets For High Cholesterol Patients

8 Best Cholesterol Lowering Diets For High Cholesterol Patients

Best Cholesterol lowering diets are an important method to keep your cholesterol under check and is essential beneficial for people looking for healthy diet. A good cholesterol lowering diet will increase your good cholesterol [HDL] and will lower your bad cholesterol [LDL].

Your cholesterol lowering diets should be rich in good fatty foods and you should reduce intake of bad fatty foods. This article provides you with some of the best cholesterol lowering diets for high cholesterol patients

Cholesterol Lowering Diet Foods for Morning

Oats For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

You should keep oats on top of cholesterol lowering diet as oats are rich in soluble fiber known as beta glucan which helps in lowering cholesterol. You can consume two to four cups of oats made in skimmed milk daily to get the desired result.

Soluble fiber helps in absorption of cholesterol into your blood stream. You can add banana to make the dish more delicious. Apple, barley and kidney beans are other sources of foods that are rich in soluble fiber. Carrot is also a rich source of soluble fiber.

Nuts For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

Walnut and almonds should be part of cholesterol lowering diet as it is found to reduce blood cholesterol and keep blood vessels healthy. Walnuts and almonds are rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and you should make sure that the nuts are not coated with sugar or salt to get the desired result. You can substitute cheese, meats in your diet with these nuts and make sure that you do not consume more than a handful.\

Cranberry Juice For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

This is the best fruit juice that you should include in your cholesterol lowering diet as it is found to increase the level of HDL in your body. You should take this juice for three months continuously to get desired result.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet Foods for Afternoon

Fish For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

Fish are a big source of omega 3 fatty acids and this helps in reducing blood clot and blood cholesterol. Baked fish or fish curry is the best method to serve fish. Some of the fish that you should add in cholesterol lowering diet are Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines and Herring.

Olive Oil For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

You should cook foods with extra virgin olive oil to reduce your blood cholesterol. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants making it a big favorite in cholesterol lowering diet. You can sauté vegetables in olive oil or use olive oil to dress your salads. You should not take more olive oil daily as it is rich in calories.

Egg Whites For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

Do not consume egg yolk as it is a rich source of cholesterol. You can increase intake of egg whites as it contains no cholesterol at all.

Soya Foods For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

Soya foods are perfect meat and meat alternatives that you should eat often. Soya foods are generally found not to increase your cholesterol level when compared with meat products and will help you in reducing your bad cholesterol.

Wheat Germ For Cholesterol Lowing Diet 

Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and is found to keep your cholesterol under control. This food should be a part of cholesterol lowering diet especially for people who has a family history of high cholesterol.

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