7 Common Symptoms Of Lazy Bowel Syndrome

Common Symptoms Of Lazy Bowel Syndrome

Lazy bowel syndrome is an issue of concern for thousands of people. It is a condition that often leads to difficulty in regular bowel movement. Painful constipation, gas and bloating are some of the consequences of lazy bowel syndrome.

This syndrome usually affects those people, who are dependent on laxatives. People suffering from bulimia, are the most common sufferers, who start taking laxatives as a type of purging, with an intention to
People, who suffer from and use laxative infrequently do not become the victim of lazy bowel syndrome. It is only when a person becomes addicted to laxatives that he/she develops this syndrome. Although, laxatives help in disposing waste products from the body, prolonged dependence on it can make your bowel lazy. Hence, your bowel is unable to function on its own. This condition is referred to as the lazy bowel syndrome.

7 Common Symptoms of Lazy Bowel Syndrome:

Most of the symptoms of lazy bowel syndrome are linked to the effects of constipation. Therefore, the symptoms of lazy bowel syndrome usually resemble the symptoms that are associated with constipation. Lazy bowel syndrome can exhibit several symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of lazy bowel syndrome have been given below.

1) Bloating

A person afflicted with lazy bowel syndrome most commonly experiences bloating. Since, the stomach is unable to move the waste products lying in the intestine on its own, a blockage occurs due to over-accumulation of the waste products. This usually causes bloating and distended stomach.

2) Pain in the Lower back or Kidneys

Lazy bowel syndrome can also give rise to lower back pain and pain in the kidneys. The sufferer may also experience abdominal cramps and pain. All these symptoms are due to the sluggish movement or no movement of the waste products in the colon.

3) Headaches

Another common symptom of the lazy bowel syndrome is – headache. Although, headaches can be caused by several other factors, you can identify the headaches caused due to the lazy bowel syndrome. If you were addicted to laxatives due to any reason, and have now stopped its use then the occurrence of headaches is usually associated with the lazy bowel syndrome.

4) Increased Frequency in Bowel Movements

Although, you may not be able to pass on stool, still you will feel the urge to visit your bathroom frequently.

5) Gas and Nausea

Stomach is blocked with waste materials due to the lazy bowel syndrome. Blocked stomach often leads to symptoms like gas and nausea. Bacteria present in the stomach ferment the undigested food particles, which results in the formation of gas. Blocked stomach may also give rise to nausea.

6) Fatigue

Fatigue is another important symptom of lazy bowel syndrome. When the stomach does not function in the absence of the laxatives, the waste materials get accumulated in the intestine. It means that something is wrong with the digestive system. When digestion remains incomplete, your body does not receive the essential nutrients. Hence, fatigue may be caused.

7) Hard, Small or Pellet-like Stool

People suffering from the lazy bowel syndrome may also find difference in the appearance of their stool. Their stool may appear hard, small or like pellet.
If you experience the symptoms that have been mentioned above then you need to see a doctor and get yourself thoroughly diagnosed.


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