6 Tips On Stretching Before Running

6 Tips On Stretching Before Running

Millions of people all over the world adopt running as a means to stay fit. Running is a great cardio-vascular exercise and is by far the best workout to lose weight In order to enhance the efficacy of your running, you need to stretch. Stretching before and after a run makes sure your muscles are properly warmed up and this prevents muscle fatigue and injuries.

Most people run on the road due to the shortfall of jogging tracks in crowded cities. Thus, it becomes imperative to stretch, wear good running shoes and take necessary precautions to minimize the impact of running on the knees and joints. Here are some brilliant exercises, which you can incorporate into your running routine. Make sure you do some or all of these exercises before and after a run.6 tips on stretching before running.

Best Tips On Stretching Before Running

Forward Static Lunge

Lunges as a stretching exercise are great to get those leg muscles warmed up. Lunge forward, stretching you back leg as much as you can so that you feel the strain on your calf muscles. As you lunge, make sure your knees are at right angles with your toes and the knees do not cross the toes. This exercise works on the full leg muscle.


Arm Stretches

Stand erect. With the help of your one hand, bring the opposite arm across your chest in a straight line. Hold from the elbow and stretch your arms. This exercise is great for the biceps and triceps.

Hamstring Stretch

Lie down flat on an exercise mat. Bend both your knees. Now bring one leg straight up into the air. Loop a resistance band around your toes and gently pull your toes towards you in a downward direction. You should be able to feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Wall Push up

Lean against a wall. Now bend at the waist. Bring one foot forward with knees slightly bent and toes pointed upwards. Lift the toes so that you feel the stretch from underneath the calf. Repeat on the other leg.

Heel to Buttock Stretch

This is a classic exercise for warming up. Take the support of a wall with one hand. Now with the other hand lift your toes towards the back, pressing the heel of the foot into your buttock. Hold the stretch for 15 minutes. Repeat the same for the other leg as well.

Diagonal Stretch

Lie down flat on an exercise mat with your legs out straight. Lift one leg and bring it to the opposite side, diagonally. Try to take the leg and stretch it as far across as you can. Repeat the exercise on the other leg as well.

Some Tips to keep in Mind

Never stretch in a hurry. Take 10 minutes to stretch and hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. Always stretch up to a point of gentle resistance. Do not push your body to stretch if you are feeling pain. Breathe in and out while stretching. Incorporate stretching daily into your routine. These exercises can be done initially during the warm up as well as cool down stage.

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