6 Symptoms Of Vitamin B Overdose

6 Symptoms Of Vitamin B Overdose

B vitamins, a gathering of water dissolvable vitamins, are exceptionally fundamental for keeping up one’s wellbeing and general prosperity. B complex vitamins – which are acquired from regular nourishment sources like eggs, dairy items, meat and poultry – are indispensable for the digestion of fats, proteins and sugars. Vitamin B complex comprises of eight key B vitamins which incorporate Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Panthotenic corrosive, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid and Cyanocobalamin.The human body has its own one of a kind compensatory instrument to discharge unreasonable vitamins through pee and dung. Notwithstanding, inordinate admission of B complex vitamin supplements (or so far as that is concerned any vitamin) can prompt to genuine wellbeing outcomes. High measures of particular B vitamins in the body can unleash a large group of side effects running from mellow to extreme. Some exceedingly plausible manifestations of vitamin B overdose are said beneath.

Main Symptoms Of Vitamin B Overdose

Skin Rashes

The presence of skin rashes is one of the regular symptoms of vitamin B overdose. The skin will seem flushed, and irate looking welts may seem everywhere throughout the body. The patient is likewise prone to grumble of an irritated sensation all through his or her body. The degree to which skin rashes are probably going to show up is straightforwardly dependant of the force of vitamin B complex overdose.

Gastrointestinal Problems

This is another regular symptom of vitamin B overdose. Taking high measurements of B vitamins can prompt to various gastrointestinal issues including acid reflux, queasiness and/or gentle loose bowels. Individuals who have an earlier history of gastrointestinal issues and more seasoned people are probably going to experience the ill effects of unbearable stomach issues and serious loose bowels subsequent to taking high dosages of vitamin B.

Sleep deprivation

An overdose of B vitamins can start or disturb the issue of sleep deprivation. Vitamin B overdose can meddle with the ordinary rest cycle. High measures of B complex vitamins especially vitamin B12 in the blood really fills in as a vitality sponsor. Sudden spurt in vitality levels can influence the typical rest examples and prompt to a sleeping disorder.

Deadness Or Tingling Sensation

This is another lesser known reaction of vitamin B overdose. Patients who have been taking high measurements of vitamin B over an augmented timeframe may encounter deadness or a shivering/thorny sensation in the furthest points. A few patients may likewise whine of sporadic shivering sensation in the correct side of the body. Truth be told, this shivering or thorny sensation is one of the early cautioning markers of vitamin B 12 overdose.


Vitamin B complex overdose can bring about hypertension or hypotension. Exorbitant levels of vitamin B1 or thiamine in the body can bring about hypertension or hypertension, while an overdose of riboflavin otherwise called vitamin B2 can bring about hypotension or low circulatory strain. Hypertension or hypotension because of vitamin B complex overdose can over the long haul influence the ordinary working of the cardiovascular framework.

State of mind Swings

Vitamin B overdose influences one’s physical prosperity as well as it can negatively affect an Individuals psychological well-being too. Extraordinary emotional episodes, fretfulness, dejection, freeze assaults are some the negative reactions of vitamin B overdose. Neurosis, perplexity, mental fogginess brought on by high measures of vitamin B complex in the body can compound emotional episodes.


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