6 Best Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster


Hair is the most attractive part of the human body , many men and women is more conscious about their hair , how they look , which hair style they want , this all depends on the health of the hair , health of the hair can be determine by the care of the hair and the diet which we are following , proper shampoo and conditioner should be used and the we should  avoid the direct contact to the pollution, all try different types of the treatment for long healthy hair, some of the natural home remedy for long hair are as follow.

Here Are Some Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster :

Daily Shampoo And Use Conditioner –

It is awkward to shampoo on daily basis but now a days our hairs face different types of pollution, dirt  and heat of the sun now if we do shampoo daily then all this pollution and dirt remove and it will nourish your hair and one more thing  is that  it make your  hair silky and shiny and the hair fall is also reduce because the hair is healthy and thick and thick hair will never fall. now as the hair is always clean the scalp of your hair are healthy always and healthy hair with healthy scalp will grow faster than the normal hair.

Wrap Your Wet Hair With Soft Towel-

when ever you shampoo your hair don’t wrap it with the hard towel as the hard towel is stick with the towel and the this the hair will start falling as trap by the towel , use always a soft cotton towel and never rub your wet hair with towel, gently massage your hair with towel and when it is almost dry then wrap it with the soft towel , as the hair fall will less the growth of the hair will increase.

Proper Hair Cut-

hair split into two parts and stop further growth of the hair stop so we should have proper cut to these split hair , as the splitting of the hair will reduce the growth of the hair will increase , split hair sploit your poni and hairstyle it is weared situation of hair.

Massage With Oil-

massage it useful for all the body and our head also needs massage and the massage to the hair scalp is very important , this massage is very useful when it is done by the oil gently massage your head with the oil ,we must ensure that the massage should in the dry hair , never apply oil to the wet hair by doing this hair fall starts and the massage to the dry hair will provide the strength to the scalp and thus the scalp holds the hair very firmly and the growth of the hair will increase.

Proper Diet-

this is the most effective way for getting of the long hair , proper diet will provide the vitamin , minerals to the body and to the hair scalp and if our digestion system works well then no diseases will trap us no weakness will be there hence the scalp become healthy and ensure proper grow of the long hair.


when ever you are combing your hairs make sure that your hair is completely dry , wet hair are likely to fell when combing is done, and whenever you are combing make sure that the jerk should not be there combing must be so easy.