6 Best Home Remedies for Skin


Skin problem? What are the simple home remedies for skin problem? How can be treated the acne, wrinkle and other skin problems? No need to worry, in this article we are listing 6 best home remedies for skin. All these natural remedies help you to get the clear, acne free, wrinkle free, dark spots free, scares free, and also delay your ageing effect.

There are many reasons to generate the various skin problems such as sun tanning, pollution, chemically filled skin creams, and not doing proper caring.  Keep reading below and use the given effective home remedies for skin.

You can find other medical options for your skin related problems like spa treatments and cosmetics products. But all these are expensive and harmful for your natural skin. They can be damage your skin and make it dull.  The best and effective method to take care of your skin is natural herbal treatment. You can find these home remedies easily at your home and prepare to be use. Keep reading!

Effective Home Remedies for Skin

1) Home Remedies for Facial spots


Facial spots, pigmentation and skin darkening are the common skin related problems. Follow the below given step by step method to prepare the home remedies to treat the ageing effect, dark spots, facial spots, and wrinkles as well. Potato and lemon both are the well known natural remedies for skin care.

  1. Take the raw potato and lemon juice
  2. First grate the potato in a bowl
  3. Mix few drops of lemon juice in this properly
  4. Gently apply this mixture on your face
  5. Start rubbing in circular motion for few minutes
  6. Leave it for 15 minutes
  7. Rinse off with normal water
  8. Repeat thrice in a week

2) Home Remedies for Sun Tan


In the summer season sun tanning is the most common skin problem. It looks awkward, you can feel uncomfortable. You should do the proper covering of your skin during outing in the sun light. Don’t worry, just apply the below given home remedy for sun tan and get the clear skin. Turmeric, lemon and curd all these are effective natural ingredients for skin problems.

  1. Take 1 tablespoon curd, lemon juice and little turmeric
  2. Mix all these properly
  3. Apply this mixture on your affected skin
  4. Leave it for 15 minutes
  5. Wash off with normal water
  6. Repeat this once in a day

3) Home Remedies for Aging


Aging is the problem which occurs with the age. You cannot hold your age but you can control the aging sign appear on your skin. Just use the given home remedies step by step and delay your aging effect. White egg is the popular remedy for skin and hair as well. Prepare the egg pack and apply to get the glowing, flawless and young skin.

  1. Take an egg
  2. Break it and seperate the yolk
  3. Whip the yolk until it become foamy
  4. Apply this on your face for half an hour
  5. Repeat this thrice in a week

4) Home Remedies for Lips


Lips are the important part of your body and you should proper take care of your lips. Lips area is very sensitive. Honey is the best natural remedy for your lips care. Use the honey as given below method and get the beautiful and soft lips.

  1. Take honey
  2. Apply this on your lips before going to bed at night
  3. Leave it for over night
  4. Prepare the mixture of honey and sugar
  5. Scrub your lips in the morning with this mixture
  6. Repeat this thrice in a week

5) Home Remedies for Dark Circles


Dark circle around your eyes are the very common skin problem. There are several cosmetics available in the market for dark circle but they are costly and harmful. We recommend being use the natural solution to treat the dark circle. Some common reason of dark circle such as stress, working on computer, unhealthy diet, outdoor activity, weakness etc. Potato and cucumber both has the very effective natural properties to remove the dark circle quickly.

  1. Take raw potato and cucumber
  2. Make the slices of these
  3. Please the slice of these on your closed eyes
  4. Leave it for 20 minutes
  5. Repeat this method several times in a day

6) Home Remedies for Acne


Acne is also very common problem for skin. Most of the people use the cosmetics from market which can be harmful for your skin. You should use the home remedy for treating the acne effectively. It has not any side effects.  Tomato which is easily available at everyone home. You just need to follow the below given method and get clear, soft and flawless skin. Tomato helps to control the sebum secretion.

  1. Take tomato and cut it from half
  2. Rub the half tomato on your face
  3. Cut a tomato into half
  4. Now gently rub one of the half onto your face
  5. Do this twice in a day
  6. Repeat for few weeks and your acne will be removing

In this post you have gone through with the 6 best effective home remedies for skin. These remedies help you to treat the several skin problems. Please share this post to your friends so that they can take the advantage of this helpful and effective natural home remedies for skin.

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