5 SEO Mistakes – Never Do At Any Cost

5 SEO Mistakes - Never Do At Any Cost

SEO is the key part for any website/ blog. Every blogger or website owner should have the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to increase the website traffic and ranking as well. SEO helps to improve search ranking on Google top. There are some SEO mistakes which you should not do. Maximum blogger repeat these SEO mistakes due to the lack of SEO knowledge. Don’t worry, in this post we are listing SEO mistakes you should never do at any cost. Please read carefully and avoid doing such mistakes. Do the correct seo for your website and blog and make the traffic a lot for your website. SEO is not very difficult; if you do seo with correct method then your site come in top of the Google search.

SEO Mistakes – You should not do

1) Ignore the Title Tags

Title Tags is the important part of any blog post. Title Tags is very much important for search engine optimization. Title Tags makes easier for the user and search engines to understand the article. You should add your main keyword in your title. Don’t make the complicated key words and title. This is the first mistake mostly blogger repeat. Be careful and so the correct SEO and increase your website traffic.

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2) Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is another mistake that repeated by most of the blogger. First you should know what is Keyword Stuffing? You should insert the targeted keywords in your post to increase the search ranking. But you should never insert where the keywords are not needed. Means don’t insert the keywords forcefully where it is not necessary. Using keywords unnecessary at several area of post is call Keyword Stuffing. This is not good for reader and search engines both. So avoid doing such mistake and improve your site ranking and traffic both.

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3) Ignore Broken Links

Mostly blogger ignore the broken links. Broken links (404 error) is not good for user and search engine both. Google never like 404 error on any website and drop the search engine ranking for those sites that has 404 error. You should always check the links inserted in your article, some time the related post has been deleted but the link of that post keep inserted in any other post. When user click on that link then it shows 404 error which is not left good impression. Keep searching about broken link and remove those links.

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4) Ignore Backlinks Quality

Backlinks are most important part for any website/blog to increase the website traffic. Many blogger do the mistake and try to get the backlinks from any site. They don’t care about the quality of backlinks. They always think about quantity of backlinks. But you should not do this mistake. Always try to collect the backlinks from the high pr quality sites. One quality backlink is better than 20 low quality Backlink. If you have too many low quality backlinks then search engine treat this as spam. So be careful while taking backlinks. Do the proper research about quality of that website from where you try to get backlinks. Get quality backlinks and enjoy the website traffic.

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5) Incorrect Use of Anchor Text

Anchor text is also important thing for any blog. You should make the habit to insert the Anchor text in internal link and external link both. Many blogger use the word “click here” as an anchor text which is not good for search engines. Always use the relevant Anchor text in every links and this will help to increase the search engine optimization ranking of your website.

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Thanks for reading this post. Hope you like and avoid the SEO mistakes you should never do. Please share this post to your friends so that they can also take the advantages of this useful post.


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