Missed Menstrual Period When On Birth Control Pill

Missed Menstrual Period When On Birth Control Pill

Unless you’re trying for a baby, getting your period regularly is both a blessing and a curse.  Birth control measures adopted by many women due to its high efficacy and low failure rate.

But too can sometimes cause a lot of concern in women. Many women miss their periods while on birth control pills. The common concern in such cases is whether they are pregnant or not.

While there is one percent failure rate reported with not all missed periods may be the result of an impending pregnancy. Let’s take a look at what leads to a missed period while on birth control pills.

Missed Period


A big scary event in your life can cause hypothalamic amenorrhea. “This particular area of the brain, the hypothalamus, is where a lot of the hormones for your period are regulated,” says Dweck. “The hypothalamus is very affected by stress.” So if you’re dealing with a big move, death in the family, huge breakup, or any other life event that’s shaking you up, it could be the cause of your late period or missed period.

Inactive Pills

Many women might make the mistake of skipping the inactive or placebo pills that are available in a 28 day pack. This could be deliberate when a woman wants to prolong her menstruation or a mistake.

Failure to take the placebo pills and starting a new pack of active pills soon after the 21 day cycle of inactive pills will result in a missed period. Placebo pills are designed to be taken during the seven days between your cycles.

Adjustment Phase

When you start taking the body requires time to adjust to the new hormonal system and this will take time. At this point, many women miss their periods or might have very light bleeding instead of a regular seven day cycle.

This is the adjustment phase when the body is trying to regulate the hormonal change that is sudden & will continue for a couple of months before it becomes regular.

Seasonal Cycle

Certain are so designed to have fewer bleeding such as four cycles a year. While choosing the birth control pills, ensure that you understand the cycle and what to expect while on the pills.

If you are using a pill that has a seasonal cycle, ensure that you know when to expect bleeding and when not to so that you can segregate between what is normal and when to consult a doctor.


Unfortunately, a small percentage of women do get pregnant in spite of regularly using birth control pills or due to lack of proper intake of birth control pills.

If you have missed your pills and have not been taking alternate precautions while having sex or have not followed the instructions given in the pack, you could be pregnant. In such cases, you must immediately report to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy and take a decision before it is too late.

Changes In Lifestyle

Sudden changes in lifestyle can affect everyone in varying ways. Many women report a change in their menstrual cycle and some even miss their periods entirely while on birth control pills or otherwise.

These changes can be subtle like stress, sudden weight gain or weight loss, diet changes and change of living conditions.