5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Abortion

Some time the baby in the womb is found abnormal that will face problem after birth. For this situation the abortion can be good solution. In other condition few women do not want the baby and not ready to accept these major responsibilities. Then they can also think about abortion. In this post we are listing some effective herbal remedies for abortion. These are without any side effect. The other method of abortion is costly and painful but these natural ways of abortion are cheap and safe. These remedies are not recommended for women who have epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver, heart and kidney problems.Here are the effective herbal remedies for abortion.

Effective Herbal Remedies for Abortion

1) Parsley for Abortion

Parsley for Abortion

Parsley is one of the best effective natural remedies for abortion. If you will use parsley with vitamin c then this will be more effective for abortion.

  • Take parsley (1 ounce) and boil water (2 cups)
  • Mix these well
  • Leave it to step for 15 minutes
  • Drink 4 tablespoons of this mixture after 15 minutes
  • Do this 4 times in a day.

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2) Dong Quai for Abortion

Dong Quai for Abortion

Dong Quai is another powerful herbal remedies for abortion. It is also known as ngelica. You can use this herb, it has no side effect.

  • Take 10 drops of Dong Quai and one cup boiled water
  • Mix these well
  • Start drinking 10 drops of this mixture after every four hours.

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3) Black Cohosh for Abortion

Black Cohosh for Abortion

Black Cohosh is also very useful herb for abortion. You need to take this herb with blue cohosh or Dong Quai. One more important role of black cohosh is to ripening the cervix just before baby birth.

  • You need to take tincture or capsule made using black cohosh
  • Take half tablespoon tincture thrice in a day with equal time interval
  • If you go for capsule then take one black cohosh capsule after every 4 hours.

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5) Pennyroyal for Abortion

Pennyroyal for Abortion

Pennyroyal is again good natural herb for abortion given by nature. Pennyroyal is act without any side effect.

  • Take 30 drops of Pennroyal tincture
  • Use this after every 4 hours
  • If you go with Pennyroyal capsule then take 3 number 0 size Pennroyal capsule after every 4 hours

5) Blue Cohosh for Abortion

Blue Cohosh for Abortion

Blue cohosh is another best natural herb for abortion. If you use this with Black Cohosh or Pennroyal then it act very effectively

  • Take blue cohosh herb include tincture of about half tablespoon
  • Use thrice in a day

In this post you have gone through with 5 best effective natural herbs for abortion. You can use any of these. All are act with out any side effect. Please share this post to your friends if you like it so that they can also take advantages of these herbs.


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