5 Easy Steps to Apply Henna for Grey Hair – How to Apply Henna for Grey Hair


How to apply henna? What are the steps to apply henna for grey hair? In this article we are listing easy steps to apply henna for grey hair – how to apply henna for grey hair. As you know artificial products are harmful for your hair. So avoid using these products if you want long, strong, smooth and thick hair. Henna is helpful to provide good natural sign to your hair. Henna is also called Mehendi which helps to make your hair dyes, strong, silky thick, and stronger. Henna is beneficial to provide strength to the hair root.

Benefits of Henna/Mehendi

Henna is pure natural which has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Use of henna is helpful to restores the pH scalp balance. Henna provides the natural shine to your hair. It also gives you the strength, thickness to your hair.

You should use the henna mixture once in a month. This will help you to provide natural beauty to your hair. Mehendi is beneficial to provide extremely nourishing to your hair. Start avoiding colors in your hair because all those are made up with chemicals. Use natural henna and get natural hair.

Black Henna to Cover Your Grey Hair

Black henna is very effective to cover your grey hair. You can find black henna as black mehendi. Black henna provides natural black look to your hair and silky behavior. You will look young after using black henna.

How to Apply Black Henna

Using hairbrush is the best way to apply black henna on your hair. Then you should cover hair and leave it for hour. Wash off your hair with lukewarm water and apply conditioner.

How to Make Making Black Henna Paste

  1. Take two tablespoons natural henna powder, Half cup hot water, bowl, gloves and hairbrush
  2. Wear the gloves
  3. Mix henna with hot water in bowl
  4. Prepare the fine paste and apply on hair

How to Use Henna/Mehendi to Cover Your Grey Hair

The easy and effective solution for grey hair is henna. Henna is useful to get rid of your grey hair. Read below the steps to apply the henna on your grey hair.

Step 1: Boil Black Tea Leaves

  1. The very first step is you need to boil black tea leaves in water.
  2. Take saucer with water
  3. On the gas and pour the tea leaves into it
  4. Boil this for a while
  5. Do this until water remains half

Step 2: Preparation of Henna Mask

Preparing the henna mask is the second step. For this step follow the below given steps and prepare the henna mask.

  1. Take some henna powder
  2. Soak it in water for 10 hours
  3. Then pour black tea into it
  4. Mix some lemon juice
  5. Mix properly and add some amla powder to this mixture
  6. Now your henna mask is ready

Step 3: Apply Henna Mask on Your Hair

The next step is to apply the henna mask on your hair. Read below and use this mask as describe below.

  1. Be ready with the henna mask
  2. Make a ponytail out of the other hair and take the grey hair
  3. Apply the henna mask with brush
  4. Apply this mask all over hair
  5. Make sure the henna mask cover all your grey hair

Step 4: Wait for Half an Hour

Next step is to wait for half an hour. This is required to work henna mask properly for your grey hair. You should not wash hair right on that spot.

  1. Apply the henna mask on your hair
  2. Leave it on for half an hour
  3. Cover hair with shower cap
  4. You should have to wait for 30 minutes

Step 5: Wash Off Your Hair

The last step is to wash off the hair. After this step you will see your grey hair become fully cover and you get natural look of your hair.

  1. Look at the watch if the waiting time of 30 minutes have passed
  2. Now wash your hair
  3. Rinse off thoroughly to clean the mehndi from hair
  4. Use cold water for wash your hair
  5. This gives the shine to your hair
  6. After wash off hair apply a good amount of conditioner on hair

Here you have got all the steps for using henna to cover your grey hair with natural black hair. With all this you should also follow the some precautions which we are listing below.

Some Important Precautions

  1. Use always natural henna powder which provides glow and shine to your beautiful hair
  2. Do a patch test to check for any allergic reactions
  3. Do not leave henna mask on hair for more than half an hour

You have gone through with easy steps to apply henna for grey hair – how to apply henna for grey hair. After reading these steps and precautions you will easily apply henna mask on your hair and get the good natural shine. Please share this post to your friends and known ones so that they can also take the advantage of this informative post. Also please share on whatsapp, faebook and twitter as well. Kindly leave your comments in the comment section.


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