5 Benefits Of Doing Squats

Benefits Of Doing Squats

Many gym goers only believe in doingexercises or weight lifting. They never seem to understand the benefit of doing isolation exercises like the squats. The truth is that abs requires a combination of weight lifting and isolation exercises. You cannot do any of the former without skipping on any one of the latter.Women who wantslimmer hipsand butts think of doing only the lunges and crunches forgetting that there is no such thing as spot reduction. Even men make the same mistake of leaving out the squats entirely from their workout routine. They are so absorbed in building their upper body that they forget all about building a stronger and bigger lower body as well. Let us look at the 4 benefits that squat exercise offers so that you may understand the need to do them on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a good all round exercise that incorporates a number of muscle groups, can strip fat, build muscle and also provide a cardiovascular workout, the squat may just be the exercise for you! It’s varied, you can tailor the difficulty of your squats dependent on your own ability, and most importantly, it’s a big compound movement and therefore great for overall fitness. Rather than just being a pure muscle builder, the squat is often overlooked for the other benefits it can provide such as enhancing your metabolism and giving your heart and lungs a fantastic workout, so let’s run down a few great things about the squat exercise! Here are the 4 benefits of squats:

5 Benefits Of Doing Squats

Improves Physical Performance And Builds Stamina

Many times women complain of not being able to run for longer periods on the treadmill or soon becoming exhausted on the cross trainer or while using the stationary cycle. Now imagine if they had stronger legs and upper thighs, would they have complained such?
Doing squats if you are an athlete. builds strong leg muscles which allows you to run faster and longer. We all know that fast running is the key to weight loss.

You will walk like a beauty queen!

Benefits of squats also include improved posture. Squats are a great way not only to improve your posture, but also build better balance. The balance that you need to do them will help to sit, stand and walk tall and straight, just like a beauty queen; and it will also strengthen your back muscles and help to avoid the back pain caused by sitting in a chair for too long.

Helps Lose Fat And Gain Muscles

Squats are responsible for releasing anabolic growth hormones in the blood. These growth hormones help build muscles. And we are all aware that building musclesaying goodbye to the stubborn fat from all over the body.By on squats you are losing out on the much needed growth hormones that are responsible for strengthening and toning all the muscles in the lower body as well as in the upper body.

All women should sit up and pay attention now if they aren’t already doing so. When you do squats you engage all the muscles in your body to do so. Every muscle group in the body is used as you squat up and down.You specifically tone and shape your butts, back of the thighs and legs. However, since your abdominal muscles are also used, so you can expect a slimmer waist and a stronger back within a few weeks of doing squats regularly.

Build muscle all over

Doing squats regularly helps build muscle all over. This compound movement creates the perfect environment for muscle growth. If you want to gain lean muscle and sculpt your legs, squats are your best bet.

Squats exercises tone your whole leg

One of the greatest benefits of squats is that squat exercises tone your whole leg. Unlike any particular exercise equipment at the gym, which target only specific muscles, you use every single muscle in your leg, when you perform a squat. The act of keeping yourself balanced and upright will give your entire leg a workout, all in one go!