4 Common Symptoms Of Toxoplasmosis

4 Common Symptoms Of Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis is an acute condition which affects millions of people all over the world. It affects people of all ages, genders and races. It is caused by awhich is called toxoplasma gondii. Such an infection normally spreads through cats and other members of the cat family.

Human beings can contract this disease by eating contaminated meat items. Pork is one such meat which can cause the occurrence of such an infection in the body. If human beings come in contact with cats which are infected with this disease, they can also develop toxoplasmosis in time to come.

The symptoms of this condition do not manifest themselves immediately after the person contracts the infection. The parasites often lie dormant for many years before the person actually shows any signs of an infection.

However, in the later stages of the disease, the patient might experience a wide range of symptoms which require prompt treatment. People who suffer from immune disorders are very likely to develop such infections as they are unable to fight off and eliminate the harmful pathogens.

Common Symptoms Of Toxoplasmosis


Mental Symptoms

Toxoplasmosis affects the mental health of the person in a negative way. The person might experience mental confusion on many occasions. It might become very difficult for such people to make decisions as they are often in a state of confusion. Headaches also occur on a regular basis in such cases.

These headaches are often quite severe and persist even after consuming medicines. They can make the person very irritable and upset. The speech of the person often becomes slurred and this becomes quite a hindrance for the patient. The other senses might also become affected by this infection.


Seizures occur in the advanced stages of this condition. These seizures can be quite severe and can occur rather frequently in advanced stages of toxoplasmosis. Strong medication needs to be prescribed in order to treat these seizures and prevent them from occurring in the future. It is important to be very careful if you experience such seizures as they can cause injuries if the person falls while having convulsions.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

The lymph nodes are severely affected when the person suffers from toxoplasmosis. The lymph nodes around the neck area and the armpits become very swollen and sensitive.

As a result of this, pain often occurs in these areas. The patient might also feel feverish and suffer from other flu-like symptoms such as a runny nose, a persistent cough or severe body pain. These are some of the characteristic symptoms of toxoplasmosis.


Weakness In The Muscles And Cramps

The muscles become very weak when the person is affected by toxoplasmosis. Even the slightest exertion can trigger pain and cramps in the affected area. Cramping in the abdominal area also occurs among many of those who suffer from this condition.


The person might experience trembling when he tries to do anything strenuous with his hands. This is a sign of toxoplasmosis and it is important to have it investigated by a doctor.