31 Effective Natural Home Remedies for Migraine


What is migraine? How to treat migraine? We are listing 31 effective natural home remedies for migraine. Many people around the world have migraine. It is the pain of happen in the head, which happens on one side of the head. Along with headache vomiting and nausea can also occur. Keep in mind that headaches do not start continuously and you do not have to face health related problems during migraine.

Effective Methods to Treat The Migraine

1) Massage for Migraine


Casual massage can help you treat migraines. Research has shown that the people who resorted to massage, the problem of migraine appeared very less and sleep was also good. Massaging also helps in dealing with the stress situation. During the massage session, the people felt low levels of anxiety, heartbeat and stress hormone cortical. It is very important because stress is the cause of migraine.

2) Drink Water for Migraine

If you have been suffering from migraine pain again and again, then examine the causes of it and pay attention to the use of drinking water by yourself. Sometimes drinking less water also causes migraine attacks. Drink more and more water. Apart from this, fruit juice is also better to be taken during pain.

3) Lavender oil for Migraine

The scent of lavender oil is not only good enough, but its use also reduces migraines’ pain quite easily. You can either eat lavender oil or smell it. 2 to 4 drops mixed lavender oil in two to four cup boiling water and smell it. This gives you relief from head migraine pain. You do not have to mix it with water like other oils in order to use it. But do not take lavender oil in an oral form.

4) Apple cider vinegar for Migraine

Apple vinegar has many health-related properties such as removing impurities from the body, controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar, helping to lose weight, bone pain reduce and relieve constipation, but it also helps to remove migraine’s pain. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in a glass of water. Mix one spoon with honey in it. By consuming it daily, you get rid of migraine pain.

5) Cayenne Pepper for Migraine

Cayenne paper is a great home remedy, which can relieve migraine pain. It not only increases circulation of blood, but apart from this, the capsaicin contained in this works as a painkiller. Mix one spoon Cayenne paper in a spoonful of lukewarm water. If you want to increase its flavor, mix honey and lemon juice in it. Drink this solution daily.

6) Chamomile Tea for Migraine

Chamomile-Tea for-Migraine

Chamomile contains antispasmodic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties that protect you against migraine pain. If you are using German chamomile tea, you will begin to see immediate effect. Whenever you think you are being victim of migraine pain, then just make a cup of Chamomile tea and drink it.

7) Ginger for Migraine

Ginger does not allow the chemicals called prostaglandins to enter the body, which not only relieve you of irritation, but also affects hormones and helps in shrinking the muscles. Most inflammatory drugs work similarly. If you want to get rid of migraine pain, then take raw ginger juice or ginger tea.

8) Apples for Migraine

If you consume apple during migraine’s pain, then you get rid of Migraine’s pain immediately. Following the simple procedure like smelling a green apple also reduces the pain of migraine and its severity also reduces.

9) Flaxseed for Migraine

Many times the pain of migraine also occurs due to irritation. When you consume foods that contain the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, then the pain of migraine can be reduced. You can use flax seed or oil to reduce migraine pain.

10) Buckwheat for Migraine

Buckwheat is an element of ruin. It is a kind of falconoid that plays a significant role in reduces the pain of migraine. Falconoid found in plants are phytochemicals, which contain the properties of antioxidant. It repairs the damage of cells.

11) Eat Nuts for Migraine

Eat-Nuts for-Migraine

Instead of consuming medicines, migraine’s home remedies are often more effective. Chew some almonds to reduce migraine’s pain. Eat almonds daily is effective remedies to treat headache. Salicylic, which is a kind of medicine, is found in naturally almonds. It works as a painkiller element and helps in the removal of migraine pain.

12) Eat Fish Oil for Migraine

Consume fish oil reduces the pain of migraine. Not only does fish oil prevent blood clots from formulating and remove irritation, but it also controls blood pressure and also runs heartbeat smoothly too. Doing this removes the pain of migraine.

13) Magnesium for Migraine

According to researchers, migraine patients should consume magnesium tablets. It has been proved that the amount of magnesium in the brains and reduce the migraines is greatly reduced by this.

14) Cold or Hot Compress for Migraine

Cold or hot compress method is also very effective way to reduce migraine pain. Although no one knows how this method works, people have also benefited from it. It can either cause a placebo effect or the patient’s attention wanders from this pain.

15) Grapes for Migraine

Grape juice is a very important option for reduce the migraine pain. Drink grapes juice at least twice a day. If you want to make it tasty, then honey can also be mixed in it.

16) Cabbage Leaves for Migraine

Cabbage-Leaves for-Migraine

Cabbage leaves proven effective treatment of migraine pain. Take some leaves of cabbage and put them in a cloth. Tie this cloth around the head and go to sleep. This will give you relief from Migraine’s pain. .

17) Primrose Oil for Migraine

Due to its antioxidant properties, this oil is proven to be a significant treatment for migraine. It treats any cells of the brain. You can also make this oil at home and buy it from the shop. You can also mix it with water and honey and use it on the head too.

18) Ice Pack for Migraine

Take some ice pieces in a pack. Now place this pack in place of headache. There are anti-inflammatory properties in the ice, which can cure headache. You can make a pack of some cold cheese instead of ice.

19) Vitamin B for Migraine

Migraines occur due to brain disorders. These disorders are caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B. You can get relief from headaches by taking Vitamin B. In your diet, you should include ingredients containing Vitamin B to prevent migraine.

20) Peppermint Oil for Migraine

Put some drop of mint oil on the tongue and putting some on your head gives you relief from migraine. Peppermint oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which can give you relief in headache.

21) Sandalwood Paste for Migraine

Make a paste of sandalwood and apply it on your head and sleep. It helps to reduce the migraine headache.

22) Garlic for Migraine

Garlic for Migraine

Garlic contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties and is a great remedy for migraine. You can either apply garlic paste on the affected parts, or chew some of its lice. Including garlic in your diet gets relief from Migraine’s pain.

23) Mustard oil for Migraine

Put mustard oil on the affected area of your head. This will ease the pain of your head soon. Follow this procedure for 2 to 3 times a day for one week and get instant results.

24) Hydrogen Peroxide Bath for Migraine

Bath using hydrogen peroxide is helpful to treat the migraine pain. For this, mix it in a bucket hot water, or take a sponge bath from it. This will give you instant relief from Migraine’s pain.

25) Take Long Breaths for Migraine

If you take long breaths effectively, you can get yourself rid of migraine pain. If you feel you are going to have a migraine tour, take a short and long breath. This will comfort you and you will survive the migraine tour.

26) Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Migraine

This is an effective drug for women who have migraine visits during their menstrual cycle. When you drink tea made of red raspberry leaves, this not only reduces the pain of your head, but also gives you freedom from other symptoms.

27) Basil for Migraine

Basil for Migraine

The scent of basil leaves or oil made of it is enough to cure the migraine pain of your head. Not only does Basil oil give relief to muscles, but it also reduces body pain. Whenever you experience pain, either put some basil oil or chew the basil leaves immediately for relief.

28) Coriander Seeds for Migraine

Put coriander in boiling water and prepare coriander mixed water and smell its steam. This will give you a great deal of relief from Migraine’s pain. Alternatively you can chew the coriander or eat it with your diet.

29) Dong Quai for Migraine

This root reduces the pain of migraine pain. For this, use the cream containing Dong I on your forehead. You can also mix this root in boiling water and drink it with honey to get rid of migraine pain.

30) Meditation and Yoga for Migraine

Remedies such as meditation can be effective in removing headaches. Protect yourself from sound and polluted places. Yoga and meditation will be the best way to treat migraine.

31) Use of Herbal Treatments for Migraine

Drinking caffeine content such as tea or coffee also provides relief in migraine headaches. Use balm in headache. On the head massage on the head, blood circulation becomes normal and relaxes from migraine.

In this post you have gone through with the 31 effective natural home remedies for migraine. All these are easy and simple home remedies to treat the migraine’s pain. Please share this post to your friends and known ones so that they can also get the knowledge of this simple method to reduce the migraine pain and its symptoms.

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