3 Simple Back Strengthening Exercises For Instant Back Pain Relief

3 Simple Back Strengthening Exercises For Instant Back Pain Relief

Whether you are engaged in front of your computer for the entire day, held busy with your handheld gadgets like gaming sets, or occupied in sporting events for quite a long time, you are sure to experience excruciating pain in the long run. You might as well have experienced lower back pain, upper back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or even back pain during pregnancy.

Whatever be the nature of your pain, your first action to seek remedy is to rush to your physician or physical therapist to get medications that help you relieve from the severity of the pain. These medications may expose you to side effects as is the case with most of the pain killer drugs. We fail to realize that there are simple exercises that can give instant relief to your back pain without the need of taking any pills.

Various Back Strengthening Exercises 

Hip Rolls Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Hip Rolls For Back Pain Relief

There are different ways by which you can roll your hips and strengthen your back. Lie down on a flat surface with your back touching the surface. Bend both your knees while your feet are kept flat on the surface. Cross your arms and keep it over your chest.
Turn your knees to the left and twist your head to the right. Gently relax your knees to come down. After few seconds, raise your knees again, keeping your head in the center and repeat the exercise in the reverse direction and relax your knees gently.
There is one more easy way of doing hip rolling exercise. Stand with your legs spread apart, keeping it in the shoulder-width position. Rotate your hips clockwise and then rotate it counter-clock wise, each rotation repeated for at least 5 times. Relax and breathe naturally while doing this exercise and you will feel instant relief.

Waist Twists Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Waist Twists Back Pain Relief


Waist twisting exercises help you tighten your abs and tone up your waist. These can be done as warm up exercises before doing your sit-ups or crunches. Sit straight on a chair with your feet slightly apart from each other while keeping them flat on the floor. Bend your arms over shoulder and place your fingertips on the top of the shoulder.

Twist your elbows, arms, and shoulders. Make the move towards looking over your shoulder, all the while keeping your head straight and not twisting it to any side. Tense your abdominal muscles. The moment you are able to make a convenient twisting of your waist, rotate back to the opposite side and then come back to the resting position. Repeat the exercise for 5 times and relax.

Knee Bends Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Knee Bends Back Pain Relief

Bend your knees gently and relax them. If there is a problem with your back or knees, you can do the exercise by keeping a table or chair as a support for you. Stand erect in a shoulder-width posture, keeping your hands on the table or chair. Tighten your stomach muscles.

Start bending your knees and try to reach down as low as you can without burdening your knees. Take care to exhale while bending down. Start inhaling and raise yourself to the standing posture. Do the exercise 10 times. You are sure to get relieved from your back pain in no time.

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