3 Different Type of SEO Techniques and Practice

3 Different Type of SEO Techniques and Practice

Search engine optimization or SEO is a very important technique of boosting your website’s traffic, search engines ranking. For every website which is ecommerce or blogging website. Seo plays the key role to boost the traffic for that website. This helps to increase the search engine visibility that is more important for any website. In this article we have discussed the different types of seo techniques and practices. So read these carefully, these seo techniques will help you to improve the site traffic, search engine ranking for your website.

Here are the 3 different types of SEO techniques and practices that you need to know.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO the most popular SEO technique and is one of the most utilizes methods for improving the search engine rankings of your website. White hat seo technique use  include high quality content development, link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content, HTML optimization of website and manual reach and research. You must use this technique and you can see to grow your search engine ranking and website traffic as well.

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Black hat SEO

As we know that the search engine works on the basis of their algorithm. So Black hat SEO is one of the best seo techniques that exploit the several weaknesses in the algorithms or search engines to increase the high rankings of your websites. Black Hat Seo technique is not in accordance with the SEO guidelines define by Google search engine. Here are some of the black hat SEO techniques that are link spam, hidden text, keyword stuffing, hidden link, etc. If you are going to choose black hat seo method then you need to expect quick short ranking growth of your website.

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Grey hat SEO

Grey hat seo method is the technique which you can say neither black nor white. This technique cannot fully use the black hat SEO or white hat seo and also not combines both. Basically grey hat seo is the transformation from black hat seo to white hat seo and from white hat seo to black black hat seo. If the client gives the pressure to the companies to give the result then the seo companies use the grey hat seo technique.

I hope that you all know about the different SEO techniques and methods. Now you need to decide that with which technique you want to move. It is very important to select the SEO Company that follow white hat SEO so you can get the good SEO results. If you like this post then please shares this.

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