25 Romantic Proposal Quotes and Messages for Her


How to propose girls? 25 Romantic proposal quotes and messages for her. We are listing best selected proposal messages and quotes to your girlfriend.  Will You Marry Me? This is the question which can be very hard to say for you. But with the given messages in this post will help you to express your feeling and love to your girlfriend. The sweet, romantic and lovable words are the best way to impress your girlfriend. Go ahead and select the best message for marriage proposal and start your new life. Best of luck and congratulation from BlogLino.

The biggest problem in my life is that I have only one lifetime to be with you… will you be mine forever?

Ever since the day we met, I knew I was meant to be yours till the end of time. Will you be mine forever?


I may have many faults, but since I love you, I try my best every day to be better and fill your life with much happiness, so I want to ask you a very special proposal. Marry me and let us be happy forever.

I don’t want to make any grand promises. All I want to say that the best is yet to come. I love you.

We are meant for each other and there is no doubt that we will love each other forever, so I want to ask you something very special, something that will change our lives completely. I love you.

In life, a lot of people will hold your hand. But no one will hold your heart the way I do. I love you.

I can’t promise that nothing will ever go wrong in our lives. But I can promise that we’ll be side by side, taking all of life’s challenges head on and making the best of every moment that we’re alive. I love you.

Did you know that there are nearly 8 billion people on this earth? And out of all of them, I chose you… because you’re perfect! I love you.

True love happens only once, they say, but they’re wrong. I fall in love every single day when I look into your eyes. I love you.


My life is wonderful because you are with me, you make me happy even if I feel sad and low. Your smile lightens up my life and all the darkness disappear. Your love has made me crazy. I will love you till the end of my life. And I want to be with all my life. I love you.

My eyes search for you when you are not around. My heart aches when I don’t find you. You are the reason for all my happiness and without you my life would be so dull. All I want in my life is that we stay together for all the life. I love you.

You are always on my mind and all the time I keep on thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it. I want to spend my life with you, and to walk beside you. All I want is to be with you all my life.

From attraction to trust to destiny, our love have come a long way. You could give many names to the feelings we’ve felt along the way but I want to sum it up with just a few words and say… we’re truly meant to be. I love you.

Ever since the day we met, I’ve felt a sense of happiness in my life like never before. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man ever?

My feelings are all new and you are the reason. You make me think about yourself all the time. Even my heartbeat says that I love you. You are the man of my dreams and you give me the reason of life. I love you.

You’re the reason for the smile on my face. Today, I’m asking you to put it there forever. I love you.


I do not know that how to spend my life without you. I don’t know its good or bad but you have become my habit now. I can’t resist you. All I know is that I will forget every problem when I lean my head on your shoulder. I love you.

Love is a beautiful feeling that has made me crazy. Yes, I am crazy about you. I am so lucky that I am in love with this much loving person. You are the one who has made my life complete and now I don’t need anything more. I just want you to be with me till the end. I love you and want you to love me too.

I want to be there for you when you’re down. I want to share life’s happiest moments with you. I want to pamper you whenever I can. I want to help you achieve your dreams. I want you to support me. I want to hold you close now and forever. I love you.

In life, a lot of people will say and do things that’ll put smiles on your face. But I promise, only I’ll do the things that put a smile on your soul. Be mine forever, I love you.

When we first met, you seemed to be nice person but I never thought that I will fell in love with you. My life was so dull without you. With you, life is wonderful now. You are the best person with a good nature and I feel so lucky to have you. I love you .

I love it when you are with me and fill my life with love. I never knew that I will love you this much. You are the best part of my life. When you are with me, I don’t have a fear of anything. And when you hug me, it makes me forget everything. Thank you for doing this much for me. I love you .

Tears fall down my cheeks when I think about all that we’ve been through. Ups and downs will come and go, but our love will forever grow. I love you.

My life is worthless, without the person who gives it meaning. I love you.


Everything I’ve done has led me to you… and everything I haven’t done in life yet, I want to do it with you. I love you.

This ring symbolises not just our love but my commitment to be your soul mate. Not just now, not just for this lifetime, but for eternity. I love you.

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