14 Best Benefits of Saffron for Skin and Health


What are the benefits of Saffron? Saffron is well known spice and also very beneficial for our health, skin and hair. In this article we are listing top 14 best benefits of saffron for skin and health . Saffron is very expensive spice and not possible to buy for everyone. Saffron is a wonderful remedy to treat the colds and coughs, stomach issues, uterine bleeding, insomnia, flatulence, and even heart trouble.

1) Saffron Helps to Treat Arthritis


Saffron has anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Joint pain and inflammation can also be reduced by using saffron. Petals of saffron plant found to have chronic anti-inflammatory activity which attributed to the presence of flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, and saponins. Saffron Boosts Vision Health

2) Saffron Helps to Treat Cancer Risk

Saffron is very good and effective remedy to reduce the cancer risk. Saffron contains two major carotenoids, namely crocin, and crocetin which have potent antitumor effects. All these help to reduce the cancer risk. Humans are warranted to ascertain the anticancer effects of saffron. Anticancer effects of saffron could play a role in preventing cancer.

3) Saffron Helps to Treat Degeneration


Saffron is very beneficial to boosts the vision health. Saffron contains safranal, which helps to reduce degeneration. This compound could also helps reducing rod and cone photoreceptor loss. Saffron supplementation was also found to induce a mid-term, significant improvement in the retinal function.

4) Saffron Helps to Treat Insomnia

Crocin in saffron was found to boost non-rapid eye movement sleep. Crocetin, is also other carotenoid find in saffron, helps increasing non-REM sleep. Saffron supplementation could help improving symptoms of depression in adults.

5) Saffron Promotes Brain Health


Saffron is also very effective to promote brain health. Saffron contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which imply its therapeutic potential for various issues of the nervous system. Saffron is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Crocin in saffron could play a role in cognition.

6) Saffron Promotes Digestive Health

Saffron is also very effective ingredient to promote the digestive system. Digestion problem is the main reason for various health issues. Saffron contains antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperlipidemic effects which helps to treat the gastrointestinal disorders.

7) Saffron Heals Burn Wounds


Saffron is also beneficial to heal the burn wounds. Healing property of saffron helps to do this. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of saffron helps increasing re-epithelialization in burn wounds.

8) Saffron Enhances Immunity

Saffron is very effective to enhance the immunity system. Saffron is rich in carotenoids which is beneficial to impact immunity. Daily use of saffron (about 100 mg) is helpful to improve immune system.

9) Saffron for Relief from Menstrual Symptoms


Saffron is also helpful to provide relief from menstrual symptoms. Herbal drug which contains saffron is helpful to provide relief to women with primary dysmenorrheal. During menstrual cramp, sometime pain is unbearable then saffron can be helpful for reducing the pain and symptoms.

10) May Improve Heart Health

Saffron is well known ingredient which is helpful to improve heart health. It is beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the circulatory system. Saffron contains thiamin and riboflavin, which promotes healthy heart and prevent various cardiac issues. Antioxidant properties of saffron helps maintaining healthy arteries and blood vessels. Anti-inflammatory properties of saffron is also beneficial to reduce the risk of heart.

11) Saffron Protects The Liver


Saffron is good ingredient to protect the liver. Saffron is effective to treat the liver metastasis. Carotenoids present in saffron may help to inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species. Saffron is also useful herb for protecting the liver from the environmental toxins.

12) Saffron Works as Aphrodisiac

Saffron is good effective to improve the sperm morphology and motility in infertile men. Saffron plays the main role to in treating male infertility. Crocin present in saffron could improve some reproductive parameters in mice treated with nicotine.

Skin Benefits of Saffron

13) Saffron Protects Skin from UV Radiation


Saffron is very effective to protect the skin from UV radiation. Saffron contains natural UV-absorbing agent which save your skin from harmful UV rays. Saffron has phenolic compounds, such as tannic, gallic, caffeic, and ferulic acids which use is various sunscreens and skin lotions.

14) Saffron Enhances Complexion

Saffron is great effective to enhance complexion. This will be helpful to improve the complexion f=of your skin. You should use this only when you have whitening skin tone.

You have read all about top 14 best benefits of saffron for health and skin. Saffron is beneficial to improve and maintain your health and skin. Please share this informative post to your friends and known ones so that they can also take the advantage of these benefits of saffron. Please share on whatsapp, facebook and twitter as well. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the comment section.

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