13 Best Natural Ways for Abortion – Home Remedies for Abortion


How to do abortion naturally? How to deal with unwanted pregnancy? We are listing 13 best natural ways for abortion – home remedies. Being a mother or father is such a most precious and unforgettable moment for parents. But there are also some circumstances in the life that people are not ready to being the mother and father at that time. If you are the one who is not ready for become parents now then this article is for you. Keep reading bellows and try out these for simple and natural tips for abortion.

Best Effective Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

1) Pineapple Juice for Abortion Naturally


Pineapple juice is one of the best natural drinks that can be helpful for abortion. Pineapple juice contains Vitamin C and protease enzyme brome lain. These two are very effective ingredients that help to increase the miscarriages chance during your early stages. Brome laid works to soften the cervix and lead to the miscarriage.

2) Rigorous Gym Workouts for Abortion

Rigorous Gym Workouts is one of the easiest and effective ways to terminate the unwanted pregnancy naturally. Start working out rigorously including running, stairs climbing many times throughout the day. You should be joining the gym and start working out there. All these are being very helpful for abortion easily and effectively.

3) Sesame Seeds with Honey for Abortion Naturally


Sesame Seeds with Honey is best and safest natural way for abortion. You can consume this home rememedy with different ways such as, Soak the sesame seeds for night and consume these in the morning OR mix with the fried sesame seeds with honey and consume this mixture for remove unwanted pregnancy.

4) Parsley and Lemon for Natural Abortion

Parsley is a great herb that can be helpful to do the abortion naturally. Parsley is also very popular herbal remedy to deal with the the regulating your menstrual cycles. You just need to mix the parsley water with lemon juice and consume it several times in a day that can be helpful for abortion.

5) Aspirin Tablets for Abortion


Aspirin tablet is popular and well-known analgesic and it can also be used as a remedy to start the menstrual cycle. For doing abortion in the early stage you can take 4-6 Aspirin tablets with water. It will be helpful to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

6) Consume High Dose of Vitamin C for Abortion

Vitamin C is another easy way for abortion. Vitamin C helps to increase the estrogen and progesterone production. Estrogen works as good component to aids menstruation so higher dose of Vitamin C will work to create hormonal imbalance in the body and do the abortion in early stage.

7) Cotton Root Bark for Abortion


Cotton Root Bark is a biennial shrub which has been used from long time for natural abortion. Cotton root bark is also used to treat fertility issues, labia tumors and menstrual cramps. Cotton plant is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. If your menstrual cycle is delay and feels that you are pregnant then keep taking cotton root bark tea till your menstruation commences. This is the easy way to deal with the unwanted pregnancy.

8) Pennyroyal for Abortion

Pennyroyal is another natural herbal remedy for abortion of unwanted pregnancy. There are two types of Pennyroyal that is European pennyroyal and American pennyroyal. You need to do the extra caution when dealing with pennyroyal as negligent handling can be leading to fatal consequences and may be death. Take the Pennyroyal herb in the dried form and boil it with water for preparing the tea. Start drinking this herbal tea 3-4 cups in a day for abortion.

9) Evening Primrose Oil for Abortion


Evening primrose oil is the beneficial natural oil that can be helpful for abortion in early stage. Evening primrose oil is also helpful and effective for several health and skin related problems. You can consume this in a form of pill and apply this oil on cervix which can be work for abortion.

10) Banana Leaves and Acacia Pods for Abortion Naturally

Acacia pods and Banana leave both are very popular for inducing miscarriages.  If you have the pregnancy and do not want to be forward with this due to any reason then use the combination of banana leaves and acacia pods for abortion with natural way. Take the unripe Acacia pods and banana leaves shoots in equal amount mix these two properly. Leave this mixture to be dry then grind them and make the fine powder. Now you need to mix this powder with equal amount of sugar mix one spoon of this mixture in one cup hot water. Consume this drink daily. Repeat till bleeding starts.

11) Chamomile Tea for Abortion Naturally


Chamomile Tea is the well known natural tea that helps to aborting the pregnancy. Chamomile Tea is also very beneficial for various health and skin related problems. Use this natural home remedy for abortion as given below. Take 2 spoons dried chamomile and a hot cup water. Mix these properly and consume. Do this thrice in a day for 4 days.

12) Massage for Abortion

Massage is one of the easiest methods for abortion. Generally massage gives the relaxation and relieves to your body. But abdominal massage can be the dangerous during pregnancy and lead to be abortion. If you got pregnant and want to be aborting this unwanted pregnancy then massage is the best, simple and easy method for abortion. You can take any oil and start massaging around your abdomen regularly. Make sure that the direction of massage must be downwards which will release the fetus and in the result it give the easiest abortion.

13) Mugwort Leaves for Abortion Naturally


Mugwort Leaves are good herb that can be helpful to abort the unwanted pregnancy. You should be consuming this as an herbal tea. Prepare this herbal tea for abortion as given steps below. Take handful of dry Mugwort leaves. Grind them and prepare the powder. Infuse this powder in a cup of hot water. Do this for 15 minutes. Now strain this tea and consume. Repeat 3-4 cups in a day for 4-5 days

Note*: As BlogLino is not supporting for abortion and it is totally your decision to do these bold steps.

In this article you have read about 13 best natural ways for abortion – home remedies. All these remedies are easily available and effective. Please share this informative post to your friends and families so that they can also know about these natural methods for abortion of unwanted pregnancy. Thanks for reading this article, please post your comments in the comment section.

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