11 Different Types Of Tuberculosis

Different Types Of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is often referred to as TB. It is a life-threatening respiratory disorder which must be treated in time. It is also highly contagious and spreads to healthy people when they come in contact with body fluids of the infected people.Mycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for the occurrence of this condition. Tuberculosis requires the use of very strong anti-bacterial medication which can eliminate the problem-causing infection. Most cases of tuberculosis only affect the lungs. However, this bacterium can also affect other parts of the body such as the brain and kidneys. There are several kinds of tuberculosis which affect different parts of the human body. These varied forms of tuberculosis differ from each other in severity and symptoms. Tuberculosis is often classified into two broad categories. These categories are pulmonary tuberculosis and extrapulmonary tuberculosis. These categories are further divided into twelve groups in order to classify the different types of tuberculosis in the human body.

11 Types Of Tuberculosis

Primary Tuberculosis Pneumonia

People who are older than sixty years of age are more prone to suffering from this kind of tuberculosis than others. People who do not have a very strong immunity are at an increased risk of suffering from such an infection as compared to others.

Tuberculosis Pleurisy

The pleural space around the lungs is steadily destroyed in this form of tuberculosis. As a result of this, the patient experiences discomfort in the chest area.

Tuberculosis Pericarditis

This kind of tuberculosis affects the functioning of the heart as it causes the accumulation of excessive amounts of body fluids near the heart. Due to this, the muscles in the heart are steadily destroyed.

Tuberculosis Meningitis

This is a very dangerous form of tuberculosis as it affects the functioning of the brain. It is normally accompanied by the presence of a tumour in the brain.

Osteal Tuberculosis

This form of tuberculosis has a negative effect on the health of the bones. The bacterium infects the bones and makes them weak and brittle. Renal tuberculosis This form of tuberculosis is normally detected by the urine of the affected person. Such people have very high levels of white blood cells in the urine.

Tuberculosis Peritonitis

Tuberculosis peritonitis is a type of tuberculosis which affects the intestinal linings of the person. Distension and pain are symptoms which are normally associated with this ailment.

Disease of the Lymph Nodes

The tuberculosis bacterium is also capable of infecting the lymph nodes in the human body. The lymph nodes become swollen and painful during the course of this infection.

Adrenal Tuberculosis

This form of tuberculosis hinders the normal functioning of the adrenal glands and therefore causes major disturbances in the body.

Laryngeal Tuberculosis

The vocal chords are severely affected by this form of tuberculosis and this often makes the person lose his voice for a while.

Miliary Tuberculosis

Miliary tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs. It can be distinguished from other lung ailments as it causes the appearance of tiny growths on the surface of the lungs.

Cavitary Tuberculosis

Although this form of tuberculosis initially affects only the upper portions of the lungs, it spreads at a rapid rate to the entire lung within a short period of time.


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