Best Foods To Have After A Hysterectomy

Have After A Hysterectomy

It is always a painful morning after you undergo any sort of operation and hysterectomy leaves you tired and exhausted. It may take about six weeks or more to recover fully from a hysterectomy. You wish to rebuild your strength fast, surely your body needs protein, fiber, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients. If you feel loss of appetite try eating small meals or snacks at short intervals. It is also advisable that for a couple of days you can take only soft diet and then start on regular diet so that your body gets ready for digesting it. Gassy foods like Cabbage, broccoli etc should be avoided.

Here We Suggest A Diet Plan:

Start With Soft Foods

Boiled, steamed, softened, crushed or meshed fruits, vegetables or poultry are called soft food as they will not require much chewing and are easy to digest. A word of caution here, you should avoid raw fruits and vegetables as they are hard to digest.

High On Fiber

Doctors usually advise medications to help you in case of difficulty in bowel movement after the surgery, however good intake of Fiber will definitely take care of the problem. Whole grains, vegetables and most of the fruits are naturally high in fiber and do not have any side effect. So adding plentiful of these in your diet is essential. Pick up the ones you like from Oat bran, barley, amaranth, pears, raspberries, avocado, blueberries, leafy greens and Brussels sprouts.

Liquid Intake

Ensure ample water intake to assist your digestion and keep hydrated. Do not ever ignore thirst.

Following Are The 11 Best Foods To Have After Hysterectomy:

Apple Sauce

Easily available at any grocers, tasty, palatable, goes with anything like wheat bread or brown bread, this is a good thing on your plate.


It’s a basic food for patients, easy to make, nice taste, nourishing food supplement, good for breakfast. Plain Greek yogurt with high fiber cereal is ideal.

Oat Meal

You can put Oat Meal on top list of breakfast menu. You can go for a variety of combination of dishes like Oat meal cookies with pumpkin, cranberry Apple oat Muffins etc.


You can have eggs in any form with 100% whole wheat toast. Eggs are being easy to make and good to eat. Boiled eggs are fine for patients.

Afternoon Snacks

Slices of apple, popcorn, assorted nuts, and fruits with cottage cheese would be great as afternoon snacks. Keep these handy.

Poultry And Fish

Chicken soup with sweet corn, Boiled or steamed fish, light fried in olive oil. Fresh Fish with summer vegetables makes a nice source of natural antioxidants. Seafood Stew with tomatoes and saffron is great on taste and brings valuable nutrients too. Chicken with Fruit salad, walnuts and spinach is a wonderful dish which provides the benefits of omega -3 fatty acids.


Eat lots of vegetables because they are full of minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Green vegetables with whole wheat pasta, salad with olive oil dressing, baked potato with butter, vegetable lentil soup. Boiled potato in various forms can be given. Roasted vegetables can also be a good option. Spinach meshed with rice is another source of iron and fiber.

Tomatoes And Watermelon

Enriched with photochemical called lycopene, tomatoes and watermelon are excellent nutrients. Eat them in salad form or with mixed fruit jam. They support immunity and reduce risk of nay disease. You may also try Mozarella, Basil and Tomato salad which is a good fat – soluble antioxidant easily absorbed by your body. Cream of tomato soup is a popular recipe.

Black Beans

Black beans are a good source of fiber. You can add these to walnut brownies for a delicious, nutritious dish. Mixed beans stew will be another choice for a winter day.

Green Beans, White Bean Hummus And Pumpkin

This unique combo will fetch you Vitamins A, C, E, iron, potassium, and magnesium which help in building a healthy immune system. Green bean with Hazelnuts is a great combo which offers vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and healthy fats.

Milk Shakes And Dairy

Banana, apple or mango milk shake, buttermilk, cottage cheese with fruits, maple syrup with fruits all these are good options. Milkshakes are a very good source of vitamin D and calcium. Don’t add excess sugar or artificial sweeteners. Add Ice cream for taste and Calories.

Raspberry cream smoothie can also be kept on the choice list. Avocado berry smoothie containing blue berries, strawberries and low fat yogurt comes with fruit, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. You can add nutrients to your body and maintain a healthy weight as well.