Signs of Damaged Hair

Signs of Damaged Hair

Damaged hair may be due to certain medical conditions, however in most cases the damage to your tresses is because of poor hair care which weakens the nourishing follicles and lead to damage in the long run.

 Signs Of Damaged Hair

Decreased Hair Volume With Wispy Ends

With time and age the volume of the hair on your head decreases naturally and there is nothing much that can be done about it. However, if extreme shedding of hair is experienced as a result of which the ends appear quite thin and wispy it is time to sit up and take notice and measures need to be taken in order to curb the damage to the strands.

Stunted Growth Of Hair

If you always seem to complain that your hair has stopped growing and nothing you do increases their length, the reason for this may go quite The length and volume of your hair depend on the amount of nourishment they receive from the follicles.When this nourishment trickles away or is naturally leads to stunted hair growth. Damage to your hair causes this problem to escalate, so if you would like to get long and healthy tresses trying reverting the damage incurred.

Extreme Occurrence Of Split Ends

This is a clear In absence of and poor nutrition the their ugly heads hindering the growth of your hair.If left on their own the split ends make the strands prone to breakage. However, just regularly snipping them away can be a way to get rid of this persistent problem.

Uneven Hair Growth

Uneven hair growth may be a result of breakage of hair strands as a result of damage and need to be taken care of using appropriate measures.

Dullness Of The Tresses

Dull and lusterless tresses are also a result of lack of proper nourishment and damage to the hair follicles. There is a need of comprehensive hair care treatment in order to bring back to life.

Chemical Damage

Sometimes the tresses may have a singed appearance caused by the chemicals used in various hair products and these are a sure sign of all the damage incurred.

Hair Fall

If you are shedding hair profusely so much so that you find it everywhere from your clothes to the bed sheets and sofa along with every one of your favorite haunts it is time to get serious and take notice. This happens due to damaged tresses and need proper treatment to cure.

Brittleness Of The Tresses

If your hair breaks due to even minimum of stress, this can be attributed to the brittleness of the hair brought on due to damage.

Unresponsive To Styling

If your hair is extremely unruly and you are unable to hold any hair styling for long, one of the reasons for this may be damage incurred.