10 Important Ranking Factor in Google SERP

10 Important Ranking Factor in Google SERP

Every blogger and website owner wants their site on top of Google Rank. If you also have this question in your mind that how to rank your site on top of Google? What is the important ranking factors in Google SERP? Then you are at the right place. We have listed 10 important ranking factors in Google. You need to follow this post to make your site on top of Google ranking. Go one by one the given important factors and follow these. Google use the very strong algorithm to show the search result. Google check too many criteria to show the good search result. We have listed top 10 factors that are used by Google to show the search result. With the help of these you can increase your search result and ranking in google.

Important Factors to Improve Google Ranking

1) Page Authority

Page Authority

Page Authority means the value of your site pages. Search engine give the priority of high valued pages. You need to increase the page value of your site pages. For this you need to properly manage your pages. Insert the contents in proper manner, put the relevant images, and insert the links of your other pages in the page. Also try to take the backlinks of your pages. All these method will help to increase the page authority. The chances to come your pages in search engine increase once the page authority will be increase. So do this work seriously.

2) Link Relevancy | Backlink

Link Relevancy | Backlink

You all known that backink in most important SEO factor to improve your site traffic and ranking. Backlinks should be high quality always. The backlinks must be related to your content. If the links are not related to your site niche the Google never give the value to your website in his search engine. So always try to take the back link from your niche websites. Once you add your page links in your other pages i.e. internal linking then please keep in mind that all the internal link should be same niche.

3) Content Length

Content Length

If you want to be top on SERP then you must write the long contents. Google rank fast to the long contents. Google understand the everything related to contents. If contents are long then Google find the more information related to the page and rank that fast. But make sure you don’t need to write stories which are not related to the actual topic just because to make content lengthy. Always write the original contents and related to topic. Contents must be minimum of 1000 words. Write and see your ranking on Google.

4) Content Detail | Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy

Once you start writing the content then keep in mind that content should be related to the topic. If you write the irrelevant contents the Google drop the ranking of your site. For Example if your page title is “How to create account for Google adsense” then write only about this topic, if you write something else which is not related to adsense the Google will treat this page as irrelevant and drop the ranking of this page. So be careful, you cannot cheat to the Google.

5) Average Time Spent on Page

Average Time Spent on Page

This is also the main factor to rank your page on top of Google. If you are blogger and also do the proper SEO of your site then your pages can be visible on Google search result. But if you want to become top position on Google search result page then you must need to increase the visitor time on your page. Bounce rate of your page should be low. If Google see that visitor come on your page and spend some time there then Google take it as good post and increase the ranking of this page. So to keep the visitor spending time more you need to write the good and user-friendly contents. User should not feel bored on your page. Make it interesting with info graphical images, videos etc. Video play the main role to hold the visitor on page. Start doing this and make your page on top of Google.

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6: Domain Authority

Domain Authority
Domain Authority is another important factor for ranking on Google SERP. Domain Authority means the value of your domain. You can see that the new domain does not ranked fast but the old domain ranked quickly. TO increase the Domain Authority you should maintain the quality of your content and website.

7) Keywords Should be Correct

7) Keywords Should be Correct

Keywords are the main part to increase the traffic and the site ranking as well. Google also check the good Keywords to assign the ranking on their search result. Always add the main keyword in the title tag. Also in overall post see the important part of contents where you can add the keywords, do this. There are many tools to find out the good keywords for your post. Before placing the keyword you need to do some research about this and also about competitor pages.

8) Page Load Time

Page Load Time

No body has the time to spend more time on your website for just waiting to load the pages. Page Load Time is also the key factor to increase visitor and ranking both. If your site takes more time to open then no one wants to wait for this. Google also follow the same criteria. Google also not give the preference those sites which take the more time to be load. So increase your website loading speed. Use the light weight themes. Don’t use a lot of css and java script. Java script is the main reason to slow down the site speed. Also insert the light weight images in the post.

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9) Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Today is the era of mobile, everyone has the smart phone. 90% traffic generates from the mobile devises. So your website should be compatible with mobile devices. You should use the mobile friendly templates/themes. Google also keep these criteria on their search result. If your site is not compatible with mobile device then Google avoid showing your page on their search result. So keep checking your pages that all should be mobile friendly.

10) Site Should be Clean

Clean Site is also the factor for ranking in Google SERP. Every visitor wants to visit on clean sites. There are several things the website owner or blogger do on their sites. For example some popup ads come on site, some subscription box come in the popup. All these things are irritating for the visitors. So avoid doing this thing and keep your website clean. Don’t insert too much ads in your page because user comes on your page to read the contents and if they feel problem to read this then he never come again on your website. So maintain these small factor and increase the ranking and traffic as well.

We have listed the 10 Important Ranking Factor in Google SERP in this post. You need to follow these and improve ranking and traffic of your website. Please share this post to your friends if you like it.

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