Easy Steps To Prepare Yummy Milkshake


Milkshakes are something which everyone likes. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of chilled milkshake or as a dessert or even as a side to go by when you are enjoying your favorite meal either at home or in any restaurant, milkshake is enjoyable whenever and wherever you want. Even after a long tiring day, some people like to unwind with a book along with their favorite flavor of milkshake to go by the side.

Steps to Prepare Yummy Milkshakes

Step 1 – Prepare The Ingredients For Yummy Milkshake:

For making a thick and creamy milkshake, all you require are 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with 60 ml of milk. Get any flavor of your choice. Concentrated flavors are available in many options like mango, strawberry, and raspberry. Alternatively, if you are the kind of person who wants all real fruits, then you can also go in for real mangoes, chikoos, sugar apple or sitaphal as it is popularly known or even bananas. It is optional, but you can also add some vanilla extract just for some flavor. Sugar if required. If you’re using concentrates, then avoid sugar as they already contain sufficient sugar.

Step 2 – Choosing The Ingredients:

When you buy ice cream, make sure that the ice cream is of good quality. Opt for a thicker or a heavy density ice cream which will add that extra ‘bounce’ or ‘froth’ to your milkshake. While there is no ‘one rule for all’ kind of a formula here where you have to buy vanilla ice cream only, but for beginners, who don’t want to take any risk by experimenting, vanilla is the safest bet. If you are preparing chocolate or strawberry milkshake, you can opt for chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Even in the case of milk, choose for non-skimmed milk so that the shake becomes thick and frothy. If you can and have easy access to, then try to get hold of fresh full-fat milk for the best milkshake.

Step 3 – Blend It Up:

Put the scoops of ice cream either in a hand blender or a mixer, whichever gadget you are comfortable with and have easy access to. The result of both is going to be the same, so it doesn’t matter. However, if neither of these gadgets is available with you, don’t worry. Take a large bowl along with a whisk and whisk the milk and ice cream together.

Step 4 – Freeze It:

Decide and pick on the fancy glass you would like to enjoy your glass of favorite milkshake in and keep it in the freezer so that the glass, albeit being empty also becomes chilled. Trust me, you will enjoy your milkshake even more.

Step 5 – Mix The Rest Of Ingredients:

Once you get the desired form of the vanilla base which thick and creamy in color and texture, add the remaining ingredients. Whether vanilla extract or any of the flavors of which milkshake you want, add in right quantity and get the delicious taste.

Step 6 – Blend Again:

Just the way you made the vanilla ice cream into a shake, once you add the remaining ingredients, turn on the blender or mixer or shake once again for one good whole minute. That will not only help in properly mixing all the ingredients together but will also give that ‘frothy’ feel to the milkshake. If you feel that your shake has become thin and watery then take the cue and add some extra ice cream and run the blender for some time again.

Step 7 – Pour The Mix:

Once you are satisfied with the taste or even the thickness of the shake as per your requirement, pour the freshly prepared milkshake into your favorite glass which you’ve kept in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 8 – Try Some Variations:

Once you pour the shake, you can either have it immediately or keep it in the fridge again for some time. It is important if you want your drink to be extra ‘chilled’ or make some additional variations in it. If you plan to opt for the last option, make sure that this is not your first time, and you have experimented before. Because you don’t want to mess up with your favorite beverage, do you? If you have prepared chocolate shake, you can either sprinkle some cocoa or drinking chocolate on top or grate some chocolate or even squeeze some chocolate syrup for some added ‘zing’. Same is the case for a strawberry shake, for vanilla you can give a dash of either chocolate or strawberry or any other flavor. Whipped cream is also another delicious option you can try.

Step 9 – Add Fruits:

The best option for garnishing and making it a bit healthy is also to add some slices of real fruits in that. However, you should remember one thing that if you are preparing some fruit based milkshake, only then will it be a good idea to add the fruits and not otherwise.

Step 10 – Serve The Milkshake:

After all the pouring, blending, mixing and garnishing, it’s about time that you take that glass in which you have poured your milkshake and raise a toast to yourself for accomplishing this task of preparing a milkshake without anybody’s help or assistance and with minimum mess (if that’s actually true.) and go ahead and enjoy.