10 Best Ways to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy

Best Ways to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy

How to cure heart burn during pregnancy? What are the reasons of heartburn? How to prevent heartburn during pregnancy? In this article we are listing 10 best ways to treat heartburn during pregnancy and prevention tips. Pregnancy is the most awaited and most precious moment of the women’s life. You should enjoy the pregnancy period but there are some health related problems can be occure during pregnancy. Heartburn is one of them which can be bad experience in the pregnancy period. Acid indigestion and heartbeat is very common during pregnancy period. Keep reading to know more about best effective natural method to treat the heartburn during pregnancy period and prevention tips.

What is Heartburn and When it Starts During Pregnancy?

Heartburn is generally occure due to acid reflux in your stomach. You can say the acid indigestion as well. Irritation triggered by stomach acid that comes back up from the stomach. Heartburn is also referred to as acid indigestion. Many women feel the heartburn symptoms during their pregnancy.

Common Causes of Heartburn during Pregnancy

  • Changes hormonal levels
  • Secretion of hormones
  • Acid reflux
  • Enlargement of the uterus
  • Presence of gallstones

Effective Ways to Prevent and Treat Heartburn during Pregnancy

1) Eat Small Meals in Regular Intervals to Treat Heartburn

Large meal during pregnancy can be harmful and make your digestion disturb. So you should eat the small meals at regular interval of 2 hours. Avoid large meal at one time. Consuming small meals help to prevent heartburn and also provide the relief from bloating as well.

2) Avoid Triggers to Treat Heartburn during Pregnancy

Select the food to eat which helps to to trigger heartburn during pregnancy. Junk food, spicy food, fried food, and processed foods are the main reason of heartburn. All these foods, you must avoid. These are some other foods which can also trigger the heartburn such as chocolate, caffeine, carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, and mint.

3) Avoid Eat and Drink Together to Prevent Heartburn during Pregnancy

Eating and drinking together is harmful and increase the risk of heartburn. So you should avoid eat and drink together. While eating, avoid the liquid. In this way you can increase the digestive system and prevent the heartburn.

4) Do not Lye down Right after Eating to Prevent Heartburn

Avoid lying down just after eating. Do some walk after your every meal? This will help to make your digestion healthy. If you are use to to lying down after meal then it can be increasing the chance of acid reflux or heartburn.

5) Elevate Head of Your Bed to Prevent Heartburn

Elevating head of your bed is helpful to prevent the heartburn. Of doing this place more than one pillow behind shoulders which helps to prevent stomach acid from flowing back up while sleeping. The chance of heartburn is avoided by doing this method during pregnancy.

6) Take Meal Two Hours before Bedtime

You should eat your meal at least 2 hours before your bed time. This will be helpful to digest the food properly and protect the heartburn problems. Early dinner is the easiest way to keep your digestive system healthy. So start doing this and treat the heartburn symptoms during pregnancy period.

7) Quit Smoking to Treat Heartburn during Pregnancy

Smoking is dangerous for health so you should quit it right now. Smoking is harmful for mother and child both and it causes the heartburn as well. Quitting smoking is best way to prevent the heartburn.

8) Maintain your Weight to Prevent Heartburn

Over weight is the main issue for health related problems. It is the key factor of heartburn as well. SO you should maintain the weight and protect the heartburn during pregnancy. Start follows the methods and food habit to maintain the weight in pregnancy period.

9) Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

Wear loose and comfortable fitting cloth provides relief from pressure on stomach. This way you can feel yourself comfortable and reduce the chance of heartburn and acidity as well.

10) Chew Some Gum to Prevent Heartburn

Chewing gum about few minutes after your heavy meal can helps in digestion because chewing gum helps increasing the production of saliva. Salive is an acid buffer which works to reduce the levels of stomach acid and treat heartburn.

You have read all about 10 best ways to treat heartburn during pregnancy and prevention tips. All these methods are very effective and beneficial to prevent and treat you from heartburn during pregnancy. Please share this post to your friends and known ones so that they can also take the advantage of these simple and easy ways to treat the heartburn symptoms during pregnancy. Also share on whatsapp, facebook, and twitter as well. Please leave your valuable comments in the comment section.

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