Easy Tips To Take Care Of Pearl Jewelry

pearl jewelry

Pearl is nature’s wonderful gift which suits perhaps every body and every occasion. Moreover, it goes with all types of attire whether it is classical or formal.
It is also comparatively cheap item in comparison to gold or platinum jewelry. You can get pearls at different prices. Some natural pearls are very costly because a pearl takes quite a long time to form in the shell of an oyster whereas some artificial pearls are not so expensive because they can be made easily at laboratory. Both pearls are same chemically.

Only difference is one is born on nature’s lap and other is born in the laboratory. Everyone can buy pearl according to their budget. Because of these qualities pearl has become one of the most favorite ornament item of most of the people in this world. You can wear it in every occasion and in both day and night. People likes to buy pearl jewelry but often they do not know to take the proper care of the pearl jewelry. This article will help you to take the proper care of your pearl jewelry as well as pearl both natural and artificial.

Pearl Needs Air Circulation:

Pearl is an organic thing and it can breathe. So keep it in a place where it gets enough air circulation. Some people have a tendency to keep it under lock and key. Their pearls become yellowish and brittle after certain period. So do not store your pearl jewelry in the deep of your locker. Wear it as much as possible. Pearls remain good in wearing. Do not keep your pearl in a airtight container because pearls needs oxygen to breathe.

Keep Your Pearls Away From Chemicals:

Wear pearl at regular basis but do not bring pearl in contact of chemicals and color. In time of hair dye, or wearing lipstick or nail polish remove your pearl ornament especially the ring from your finger because pearl captures colors of other material very quickly and it becomes permanent unless you wash it immediately.

Moreover chemicals are hazardous for the longevity of the chemical. So while using soap, shampoo and other cosmetics such as cream, moisturizer, perfumes, different types of spray, etc. remove your pearl jewelry. So when you are getting ready for an occasion, wear pearl jewelry at last after completing all your makeup.

Regular Washing of Pearl is Necessary:

Wash pearl after every use. After coming back from the party when you are again going to restore the pearl, do not forget to wash it in plain water. Water helps to wash out all types of chemicals and your body sweat and perspiration. Sweat and perspiration contains toxic element of our body which makes pearl yellowish.

Water not only helps to clean your pearl it also keep your pearl hydrated and enhance longevity. If your pearl do not get enough water and become dehydrated, it becomes brittle. But you must wipe the last drop of water and be sure that it is completely dry before storing them again. If you store wet pearl inside the box it may create fungus and ultimately it will destroy it.

Separate Box for Your Pearls:

Pearl is a very soft thing. It may get scratched from other jewelry, especially from costume jewelry. So preserve your pearl jewelry in separate box. Use separate bag or velvet box to keep your pearl jewelry.

Keep pearl jewelry separately because keeping pearl jewelry with other ornaments can result in the pearl getting scratched by the metal sections of the other jewelry. Do not use plastic zip bag to preserve pearls because inside plastic bag pearls do not get moisture and it becomes dry gradually.

Keep Your Pearls at Cool and Dark Place:

At home keep your pearls in a cool and dark place. Avoid keeping pearls in that place where direct sunshine reaches. Sunshine and heat may make your pearl discolor and brittle. Wrap your costly pearl ornaments with soft cotton or silk cloth.

Restring Your Pearl Jewelry:

In the time of stringing do not use gold or any metal wire to string pearls because metal wears them out. Use silk or nylon thread for stringing your pearls. After every 3-4 years send your costly pearl necklace or bangles to jeweler’s shop to check its string.

Restring your pearl jewelry after every 8-10 years because threads weaken with time. But if you wear your pearl ornament everyday, restring them annually. Your pearl necklace or bracelet will last long if you restring them regularly. For restring purpose it is best to use either pure silk thread or special nylon necklace cord.

Cleaning of Pearls:

If you need to clean your pearl jewelry, clean it with plain water. Do not use ornament cleaning solutions that are available in the market. In those solutions there are ammonia which is harmful for pearl. Use plain water or little soapy water to remove spots or any mark from pearl. But after that you must wash it with plain water.

Remove Your Pearls While You are In Swimming Pool or Spa:

Never wear pearls when you are in the swimming pool water.  Chemical like chlorine is mixed in the pool water to purify the water. This chemical damages the natural shine and luster of the pearl. Again when you are in the spa to get different treatment, do not wear pearl jewelry because different products that may be used on your skin may be harmful for the pearl because pearl is a very soft and sensitive thing.

Remove Pearl jewelry while doing Domestic Work:

Pearl is a fragile thing. So never wear pearl jewelry when you are doing the domestic work such as washing, cleaning, dusting, gardening, etc. Once dirt and dust enter the intricate designs of the pearl, it’s hard to remove it. To protect them you may wear gloves, but it is better not to wear them while doing any such domestic work.

Just go through the article and gather the information. Keeping your pearl jewelry shining and lustrous year after year is not at all impossible. What you need is little initiative and common sense to protect your pearl jewelry years after years.